My Next Great Adventure

As a boy I would often camp out in the woods behind my parents’ house. Although not more than a few minutes away from home I was physically, visibly, and […]

Ghosts of Christmas Past

I am sure that everyone has seen some rendition of “A Christmas Carol”. I have seen many versions over many years. So when I speak of Ghosts from Christmas Past, […]

The Farm

I write this blog for various reasons. Sometimes I like to rant, sometimes I like to reminisce. Today is one of those reminiscing days. You may not be interested in […]

High School Class Reunion

This upcoming weekend I will be attending my first high school class reunion. This is not the first high school class reunion for my class, but this is the first […]

50 Years Ago

Yesterday marked 50 years since the day John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and killed. I do not like to use the term 50th Anniversary. In the truest context it is […]

Let's Go to Coney

When I was a boy Coney Island in Cincinnati, Ohio was “the” amusement park. Sure, there were other parks, but none as close, nor as glamorous (in my opinion) as […]

Welcome to Mt. Washington

When I was a young boy my family moved from South Fairmont to Camp Washington to Mt Washington, where I lived from age seven until I enlisted in the Navy […]

Radioman 2nd Class

This is a special blog, because this is a special day. Today I celebrate the 50th anniversary of the day I enlisted in the United States Navy. I chose to […]