The Weakening of America

The American Society is growing weak and ineffectual. It is not because we are not working out. It is not because the children play video games more than active sports. […]

Honor Our Heroes

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission has signed off on plans to rename East Hyde Park Commons to Officer Sonny Kim Memorial Park.   Officer Sonny Kim was shot and killed in […]

Control The Guns

Why is it that anytime an incident occurs in the country that involves firearms someone or many someones will take advantage of the event to politicize the time-worn topic of […]

Stupid Free Zones

Once again the country is reeling from the horror of yet another school shooting. This time on a university in Oregon where ten were killed and seven more wounded in a […]

It's Over

Almost exactly two years after he was hired as the City of Cincinnati Police Chief, Jeffrey Blackwell has been fired from that position. Not only was he fired, but he […]

Rewriting History

I am confused. I am not sure what is being accomplished by these recent attempts to rewrite history. I guess the most recent and most publicized is the removal of […]

Judgment Rushing

Many Americans, probably myself included, have taken to the new sport of “Rushing to Judgment”. This of course is when we make a judgment or decision on an event before […]

Guilty Until Proven Guilty

I spent a great deal of my time yesterday responding in several Facebook threads about the fatal shooting of Sam Dubose by former U.C. Police Officer Ray Tensing. Needless to […]

You Must Prepare!

Yesterday’s terror attacks on US Military establishments in Chattanooga, Tennessee have left me horrified and frightened. Every time we have a domestic terror attack in the United States it is […]

The Summer Safety  “Plan"

I, like many others, waited for the Police Chief’s 90-Day Summer Safety Plan to be revealed. You remember, back in early June of this year. It seems like a long […]