Stronger Gun Laws?

Recently a link to a website was circulated on Facebook that encouraged one to sign a pledge for stronger gun laws that would “keep guns out of the hands of […]

Apathy and Ignorance

You want to know what I think? Not that anybody cares what I think, but what I think is that one of the biggest issues we have in our great […]

Red Thursday!

I am a traditionalist! I like tradition, whether it be a small family tradition of no consequence, or a large tradition that is practiced by an entire nation or the […]

Customer Service Hell

I have previously spoken on the subject of poor customer service in another blog article regarding service at a local fast food franchise. But that was mild compared to the […]

Cop Bashing

Recently I have noticed a trend on social media sites such as Face Book and Twitter. This trend is disturbing and is distasteful. I am, of course, speaking of the […]

Unclean! Unclean!

This article was originally published on January 16, 2013.  In that I am suffering a similar ailment this day, just over a year later, I wish to illustrate that thus […]

Screw The People?

I for one have had it up to here with the shenanigans going on in Washington. We are supposed to have a representative form of government. That means the people […]

Welcome to McStupids!

When I was a teen age boy after school and summer jobs were hard to come back. There was not a lot of opportunity. If one was fortunate, they might […]

No Facebook

As I pondered on a topic for today’s blog article (I encountered a brief block) I was coming up empty-handed (or empty-headed). Usually by mid-week I have decided on a […]