Teachers and Guns

It is in the news. It is on our minds. We talk about it at work and we talk about it at home. And we are all so glad it […]

Politically Speaking!

We The People? I, for the most part, am not a political animal. I believe in personal freedom, states rights, and small government. I realize that my political views will […]

Winter Still Sucks!

It is not even officially here yet and I am already tired of it. Yesterday it started, the wind was blowing, raining was pelting my face at 20 miles per […]

That Neighbor!

It seems as if no matter where you live, or who you are, you will always end up with “that neighbor”. You know the one I am talking about, the […]

I hatge Winter

I hate winter. I mean I really hate winter. I am not talking about disliking winter. I am not talking about extremely disliking winter. I am talking pure, unadulterated hate. […]