Ghosts of Christmas Past

I am sure that everyone has seen some rendition of “A Christmas Carol”. I have seen many versions over many years. So when I speak of Ghosts from Christmas Past, […]

Faceless Book

Recently I started a Facebook group which was supposedly going to focus on things political. The original intent was to offer a place where people could honestly and legitimately discuss […]

JFK  Assassinated!

Today marks 52 years since the day John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and killed. I do not like to use the term 52nd  Anniversary. In the truest context it is an […]

The Weakening of America

The American Society is growing weak and ineffectual. It is not because we are not working out. It is not because the children play video games more than active sports. […]

Honor Our Heroes

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission has signed off on plans to rename East Hyde Park Commons to Officer Sonny Kim Memorial Park.   Officer Sonny Kim was shot and killed in […]

Control The Guns

Why is it that anytime an incident occurs in the country that involves firearms someone or many someones will take advantage of the event to politicize the time-worn topic of […]

Stupid Free Zones

Once again the country is reeling from the horror of yet another school shooting. This time on a university in Oregon where ten were killed and seven more wounded in a […]

The Next Police Chief

Several weeks have now passed since the firing of Jeffrey Blackwell from his position of Police Chief of the Cincinnati Police Department. The dust seems to have settled and those […]