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Our Nation’s Greatest Shame!

Previously I have written about the plight of homeless veterans. I have referred to this as our Nation’s shame and I have stated that the word homeless should never be used as an adjective to describe a veteran. I still feel this way but I believe that the idea of veterans contemplating or committing suicide …

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Edward I. Zukowski

Today I am going to step away from my usual format and tell you a story about a most incredible person. This person is not from Cincinnati and probably did not even like Cincinnati very much. But he left a mark on my life and I want to take this opportunity to tell you about …

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The Unsung Heroes

Each day walking among us are men and women who are armed and ready to lay down their lives to protect you and yours. I am not talking about the on-duty police officers. Of course, they have the same commitment to protect and serve, but I am talking about the off-duty police officers who go …

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