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The Most Qualified Candidate Is . . .. The Sequel

I have thought long and hard as to whether I really want to publish this blog article. I know before reading the first paragraph that there will be those who take it the wrong way and those who will accuse me of bias, regardless of what my intent may be. So I will state right …

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The Most Qualified Candidate Is . . .

On June 4th, 2015 Cincinnati Executive Assistant Police Chief Paul H. Humphries announced his intention to retire after 30 years of service to the City of Cincinnati. Paul has accepted a job with the Coca Cola Company in Tampa, Florida. I know Paul, having worked with him, and for him, over those 30 years. I have …

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The “Flexible Deadline”

In an article appearing on Cincinnati.com entitled “Anti-crime plan deadline passes, but not an issue”, Cincinnati City Manager Harry Blackis quoted as saying “the Friday deadline was always meant to be flexible”.   This caught my attention as I was always under the impression that a deadline was meant to be rigid. Admittedly, there is …

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The Elected and the Useless

Not that there was ever any chance that Jeffrey Blackwell would be an effective leader or a good police chief for the Cincinnati Police Department, recent events have ensured that he has become even less effective, if that is possible. I am referring to the events of the past few days whereby rumors of his …

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The Elephants In The Room

I have been fortunate enough to be on this planet for a good number of years. In those years I have seen a lot of changes in our society. Specifically I am speaking with regards to the disparate treatment of members of different races. Having grown up in an all white neighborhood and having attended …

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City Manager Selection

As you may recall, last December almost immediately after being elected, Mayor John Cranley nominated Park Board Director Willie Carden for the position of City Manager to replace outgoing City Manager Milton Dohoney. Very soon after that, and prior to his confirmation by the council it came to light that an ethics complaint had been …

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Does Diversity Really Matter?

Recently in a news release published on the City of Cincinnati Website, Chief Jeffrey Blackwell was quoted as saying “Having a workplace that resembles your communities’ demographics is critically important in your public service delivery efforts and we are proud of that in Cincinnati.” This made me wonder how important diversity is, and what efforts …

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Un’friend’ly People

As you may recall, several months before the November 2013 election I conducted an experiment with social media, specifically with Facebook. I was attempting to see how responsive to a friend request current council members, and potential council members would be. So, I submitted a friend request to each category above, as well as to …

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Who Is Watching?

Some years back the City of Cincinnati committed to becoming one of those cities that would attack the crime problem by putting up a network of surveillance cameras in strategic locations throughout the city. Initially the idea was to put four cameras on many intersections of interest, with a camera pointing north, south, east, and …

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It’s Your Money!

As you are well aware, the City of Cincinnati is financially strapped. The last number I heard, and it is a moving target, is there is a 22 million dollar budget deficit that needs to be addressed in order to provide a structurally balanced budget by the beginning of July, 2014. That being said, the …

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