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On Gorillas and Such

Somethings in life are inexplicable. Somethings defy logic. Somethings defy understanding. I am, of course, talking about the outcry over the killing of the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla known as Harambe. This article is not intended to be just another report detailing the incident. That story has been told over and over. The intent here is …

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Farewell To Friends

Hearing of the death of a loved one or a friend or even an acquaintance is always difficult. I find myself contemplating their loss and feeling an emptiness that is difficult to comprehend or describe. Fortunately, time heals all, to some extent. Those that we have lost shift in time from a hurting memory to …

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Guilty Until Proven Guilty

I spent a great deal of my time yesterday responding in several Facebook threads about the fatal shooting of Sam Dubose by former U.C. Police Officer Ray Tensing. Needless to say, no matter how hardened some of us pretend to be, the taking of a human life by another is horrible. An incident of this …

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The Coffee Hole

As I sit here week after week and present my point of view, I most often feel as if I am standing alone. I am not sure why because the point of views that I hold are not so radical and not so extreme that no others would share them with me. Yet when I …

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Another Rush To Judgement!

First I want to make it very clear that I was not in Baltimore, Maryland, that I was not anywhere near, nor was I in the partition of the prisoner transport van that transported Freddie Gray following his arrest. Furthermore I have no inside knowledge of the events that transpired inside the van that day. …

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A Fallen hero

When I logged onto my computer and opened Facebook on Thursday Morning I knew something dire had occurred with a Cincinnati Firefighter. The local news sources were indicating that a Firefighter had been gravely injured while fighting a fire in an apartment complex in Madisonville, a Cincinnati, Ohio neighborhood. Although the news reports were calling …

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