Jeffrey Blackwell

Like A Bad Penny

There is an old idiom about a bad penny and such seems to be the case about former Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell, who was fired as chief on September […]

It's Over

Almost exactly two years after he was hired as the City of Cincinnati Police Chief, Jeffrey Blackwell has been fired from that position. Not only was he fired, but he […]

The Summer Safety  “Plan"

I, like many others, waited for the Police Chief’s 90-Day Summer Safety Plan to be revealed. You remember, back in early June of this year. It seems like a long […]

The Elected and the Useless

Not that there was ever any chance that Jeffrey Blackwell would be an effective leader or a good police chief for the Cincinnati Police Department, recent events have ensured that […]

Transparency Planning in progress

On March 2nd, shortly after midnight, the Cincinnati Police department received a 911 called reporting an aggravated burglary that had just occurred. A description of the offender was provided and […]

The Wrong Man

I have followed  the news regarding the incident in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th, 2014 when a man, Michael Brown, viciously attacked a Police Officer, Darren Wilson, who subsequently had to […]

Jeffrey Blackwell, It Is Time To Go!

Recently, following the overpass collapse on I-75, a comment was posted on a social media site by a Cincinnati Police supervisor who witnessed the collapse. The comment was written to […]

Blackwell's Annual Efficiency

Sir Chief Jeffrey Blackwell has now been the Cincinnati Police Department Chief for a year. As promised earlier, I will now provide my own rating for his performance during his […]