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You Must Call me Sir!

In a recent article in the Cincinnati Enquirer it was reported that a directive had been relayed to all Cincinnati Police Department employees by the Police Chief’s adjutant, Lt. Emmett Gladden. The directive ordered all personnel to begin addressing Jeffrey Blackwell as either “Chief” or “Sir” when utilizing electronic messaging. The directive further requires that …

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Best Police Agency in the U.S.?

On September 2nd the Cincinnati Police Department tweeted a picture of Chief Blackwell addressing the newly formed Police Recruit Class and making the statement “Day 1 of joining the best police agency in the US and we are expecting all of you to make it! “What caught my attention was the term “best police agency …

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The Magical, Mysterious, Land of Carpet (Revisited)

I have been asked by a few for an update on the Magical Mysterious Land of Carpet (pronounced carpay). Not wishing to disappoint, here is what has happened since last we visited. After the departure of The High Sovereign, a strange calm, described by some as relief, fell over the land. Many stepped up to …

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It’s All About Blackwell

It was mentioned in a social media that Cincinnati Police Chief Blackwell is basically invisible. He has not been heard from with regards to the high homicide rate or gang violence in the city. As a leader he should be in the front of his officers, providing leadership and encouragement. It is my understanding there …

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Does Diversity Really Matter?

Recently in a news release published on the City of Cincinnati Website, Chief Jeffrey Blackwell was quoted as saying “Having a workplace that resembles your communities’ demographics is critically important in your public service delivery efforts and we are proud of that in Cincinnati.” This made me wonder how important diversity is, and what efforts …

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Un’friend’ly People

As you may recall, several months before the November 2013 election I conducted an experiment with social media, specifically with Facebook. I was attempting to see how responsive to a friend request current council members, and potential council members would be. So, I submitted a friend request to each category above, as well as to …

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Thoughts on the H3Cincy Program

Call me cynical. Call me old school. You might even call me old-fashioned, but i cannot see the benefit of programs such as the H3Cincy program. There have been many programs of this sort over the years, but I have never seen any results that show any value or return on the investment. Are the …

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Statistics Are Like a Box of Chocolates!

Statistics can lead and mislead. If an organization does a proper statistical analysis of events it can help to predict future trends and permit the organization to properly plan to manage these events. However, statistics can also be easily manipulated to misrepresent the facts and mislead the audience. Crime statistics are a good example. Crime …

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There’s A New Chief In Town, Again!

Jeffrey Blackwell

On August 4th, 2011 I wrote a blog article reporting that the City of Cincinnati had a new Police Chief, James E. Craig. It is hard to believe just over two years later I am once again commenting on the fact that the City of Cincinnati Police Department has a new Chief. I am not …

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