Jeffrey Blackwell

You Must Call me Sir!

In a recent article in the Cincinnati Enquirer it was reported that a directive had been relayed to all Cincinnati Police Department employees by the Police Chief’s adjutant, Lt. Emmett […]

Best Police Agency in the U.S.?

On September 2nd the Cincinnati Police Department tweeted a picture of Chief Blackwell addressing the newly formed Police Recruit Class and making the statement “Day 1 of joining the best […]

It's All About Blackwell

It was mentioned in a social media that Cincinnati Police Chief Blackwell is basically invisible. He has not been heard from with regards to the high homicide rate or gang […]

Does Diversity Really Matter?

Recently in a news release published on the City of Cincinnati Website, Chief Jeffrey Blackwell was quoted as saying “Having a workplace that resembles your communities’ demographics is critically important […]

Un'friend'ly People

As you may recall, several months before the November 2013 election I conducted an experiment with social media, specifically with Facebook. I was attempting to see how responsive to a […]

Thoughts on the H3Cincy Program

Call me cynical. Call me old school. You might even call me old-fashioned, but i cannot see the benefit of programs such as the H3Cincy program. There have been many […]