My Family

My Old Man

As a boy I only knew my grandfather from my mother’s side. My paternal grandfather, John, was dead long before I was born. In that he died of his own […]

Memorial Day - 2016

On this Memorial Day I feel compelled to tell the story of two of my cousins, both who tragically died in the service of their country. This is not a […]

The Farm

I write this blog for various reasons. Sometimes I like to rant, sometimes I like to reminisce. Today is one of those reminiscing days. You may not be interested in […]

Summer Vacation

School has been in session now for over a month. I am sure that in many classrooms across America, writing assignments have been handed out in English Composition classes with […]


I have never been much of a sports enthusiast. In fact, one might say there is a long list of sports I am not very interested in, if at all. […]

My Birthday Blog

“Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me” he sang to himself in his best Mortimer Snerd immitation. He of course is me, and I was singing in that fashioin […]

Thanksgiving Day Memories

For as far back as I can remember, and at least until Thanksgiving of 1988, my Dad was the one who prepared Thanksgiving Dinner. He would get up very early […]

My Parent’s House

Recently I had occasion to visit my parent’s home. On the surface that seems somewhat inane and a not point of conversation. You know, “Hey, I went to my folks […]

Goodbye GG!

Yesterday in the early afternoon someone near and dear passed away. My Mother in Law, Dori, crossed over quietly and without complaint. It was fitting that she die that way […]