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Aug 07

Judgment Rushing

Many Americans, probably myself included, have taken to the new sport of “Rushing to Judgment”. This of course is when we make a judgment or decision on an event before all the facts are known. Judgement rushing frequently is the result of our own bias with regards to the race, creed, or sexual orientation of …

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May 22

Memorial Day 2015

In that this is Memorial Day Weekend, I can’t help but wonder what people think of this day. To many, it is a “three day weekend” and only means an extra day off. To others it means beer and hotdogs and picnics. I wonder how that happened. The name it self should provoke some thought …

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Dec 22

Us vs. Them?

I don’t know if it is because I am growing older or if the availability to all information at all times makes it seem so, but in my mind the world is becoming an ugly place. What has come of “Peace on earth and good will towards men”? It seems that it has become more …

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