Political Commentary

Recently, for the sake of research, I posed this question in Facebook: “Would making recreational marijuana legal in Ohio be a good thing or a bad thing. “. The results […]

Stronger Gun Laws?

Recently a link to a website was circulated on Facebook that encouraged one to sign a pledge for stronger gun laws that would “keep guns out of the hands of […]

Asset Forfeiture Primer

  Recently there was a flurry of comments on a Facebook debate regarding the merits of Asset Forfeiture, presumably both civil and criminal. Since I am very familiar with the […]

Out of Control Gun Control

Recently there has been an influx of witticisms by various groups and individuals who either do, or do not, support gun control. Mostly it has been a play on words […]

On Memorial Day 2014

Yesterday, while en route to the cemetery to visit the grave site of my parents, I spoke to my grand-daughter about memorial day. She had a vague idea of what […]

There Is a Bug In The Butter!

The title of this blog has absolutely nothing to do with the article itself. I heard somewhere one should have a headline that will get the attention of the reader. […]

How Memorial Was Memorial Day?

The grills have all cooled down, the hangovers are no longer hanging over, and most of us are back to work. However, since Memorial Day I have been wondering to […]