The Empty Pew

The Empty PewAs the story goes, there was this old man who went to Mass every Sunday morning.; He always selected a large pew that was empty. His hope, his wish, his dream was that someday the pew would be occupied by himself, his wife, his children, his children’s spouses, and his grandchildren. But weeks, months, and years passed and he occupied the pew alone.

H would look on with a heavy heart as family members all joined hands and recited the Lord’s Prayer together. As greetings were exchanged, he stood by as spouses embraced, children were kissed, and greetings exchanged among family members. He participated, but only to the extent that he shook hands with strangers and wished them peace. And this ritual wend on for a good many years.

But one day, the old man did not appear for Sunday Mass. Since he knew no one, no one noticed his absence. Eventually, his name was mentioned during the Intercession, asking all to pray to the Lord for him for he had died. The congregation responded “Lord, hear our prayer”, but few knew who that prayer was for.

On the day of his Funeral Mass, his wish was finally granted for there in the pew, sitting side by side were his wife, his children, his children’s spouses, and his grandchildren. But the following Sunday, the pew was once again empty, and now it was completely empty.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?


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