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Inauguration Day – 2017

Today Mr. Donald Trump transits from being President Elect to President.  Inauguration Day is always a historical event in this country, and today is no different.  Unfortunately there are too many people who are simply sore losers.  There are too many people who are incapable of putting partisanship aside and accepting the fact that Donald …

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Let’s Party!

I am not a political guy, contrary to what others may say or think about me. I never paid that much attention to politics. I guess I am a bad citizen. But, it seems that of late, politics are much more “in your face” than they used to be, or maybe since I am now …

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JFK Assassinated!

Today marks 52 years since the day John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and killed. I do not like to use the term 52nd  Anniversary. In the truest context it is an anniversary but for most of us, anniversary is a day of celebration such as a wedding anniversary or a birthday anniversary. The assassination of John F …

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Honor Our Heroes

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission has signed off on plans to rename East Hyde Park Commons to Officer Sonny Kim Memorial Park.   Officer Sonny Kim was shot and killed in the line of duty in Madisonville on June 19th of this year. I was very happy to see this happen as I truly believe that …

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Control The Guns

Why is it that anytime an incident occurs in the country that involves firearms someone or many someones will take advantage of the event to politicize the time-worn topic of gun control. It does not matter if it is a mass shooting or a tragic accident involving a child. Personally I think that most of …

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Stupid Free Zones

Once again the country is reeling from the horror of yet another school shooting. This time on a university in Oregon where ten were killed and seven more wounded in a killing spree by Chris Harper-Mercer at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. This despicable and cowardly act took place in a class room at …

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On Marijuana Reform – The “Experts” speak

The debate rages here in Ohio as the November election date draws near. Do we or do we not want to Legalize Marijuana in the great State of Ohio. I, like many, am still reading and researching, trying to make the best informed decision that I can. To that end I have watched with interest …

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Rewriting History

I am confused. I am not sure what is being accomplished by these recent attempts to rewrite history. I guess the most recent and most publicized is the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the grounds of the State House in North Carolina. In case you weren’t paying attention, the flag was flown as …

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Don’t R.I.P. Me

Before I begin I will issue a spoiler alert. This article will consist of thoughts, ideas, conjectures, and surmises of my pending death. Now, before you begin either mourning or celebrating I feel compelled to tell you I have no news about my demise nor do I know when it will occur. I only know …

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Hard Drugs or Not?

Last week I wrote pertaining to the legalization of Marijuana. A poll was taken regarding whether marijuana should be legal, should be legal for medicinal use, or should not be legal at all. The poll results were 84% felt marijuana should be legal for both medical and recreational purposes, 11% felt the plant should only …

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