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Thanksgiving Day – 2017

I hate to think that I am going to start this Thanksgiving day with a rant, but yeah, that is what I am going to do.  I know this is supposed to be a day of giving thanks for all the good things we have in our life.  I am thankful, and I think we …

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It’s Not the Guns!

Every time there is a mass shooting incident in this country I brace myself. I know what is coming and I know I am going to get upset. I try to prepare myself but all the preparations I make do not seem to help. In the end, I am still upset. I know the conversations …

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Keyboard warrior? I don’t think so!

I have been a member of Facebook since about 2009. I originally had no interest in belonging to any sort of social media but due to some needs at work I found myself obligated to join and learn about this trend in American Pop Culture. I soon discovered there were several advantages to being on Facebook …

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Faceless Book

Recently I started a Facebook group which was supposedly going to focus on things political. The original intent was to offer a place where people could honestly and legitimately discuss matters of current political importance facing our nation and our own cities and towns.  This was the intent, but the intent was nowhere near how …

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You Must Prepare!

Yesterday’s terror attacks on US Military establishments in Chattanooga, Tennessee have left me horrified and frightened. Every time we have a domestic terror attack in the United States it is reported as a senseless act that we must learn to live with. It is reported as something that just happens but not as something that …

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Another National Threat

As if it is not enough that we have to worry about Global Warming devastating the climate and making the world unfit for habitation by man or beast. As if it is not enough we have to worry about the ISIS threat taking over the world and minimizing the role of women in society and …

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Vaccinate Your Children!

Recently I have noticed there is quite a controversy raging on Facebook regarding whether one should or should not vaccinate their children against a myriad of serious and potentially deadly diseases. At first I did not pay much attention. After all, my children are all grown, my children are all vaccinated, and as far as …

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Where’s The Rage?

I watched with morbid fascination as the violence begin and grew in a short period of time following the announcement of the findings of the Grand Jury in the death of Michael Brown. I watched as the group of people, allegedly outraged at the decision, begin to break into, loot, and burn a number of …

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Apathy and Ignorance

You want to know what I think? Not that anybody cares what I think, but what I think is that one of the biggest issues we have in our great American Society is apathy. It just seems that people really don’t care about much outside their small circle of family and friends. The second biggest …

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Red Thursday!

I am a traditionalist! I like tradition, whether it be a small family tradition of no consequence, or a large tradition that is practiced by an entire nation or the world, I like it. And I don’t like it when people mess with tradition. I realize that modifying a tradition is simply change. I get …

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