About the Townehouse Voice

The Townehouse Voice originally started on January 1st 2010 as “Unorganized Thoughts”. After approximately 69 posts, due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, the original blog’s data base was lost. Due to a fortunate set of circumstances, approximately 40 of the original posts were recovered and were re-posted in the new version of the blog, known as the Townehouse Phoenix.  The Phoenix name indicates that the  old blog, once lost, has risen from the ashes.  Yeah I know, it is corny but I was traumatized by the loss of the original blog database.  Recently I again renamed the Blog to simply the Townehouse Blog and then to its final (I hope) iteration of The Townehouse Voice .  The decision to discontinue using Phoenix  was based on the fact that most search engines would  give listings for properties in Phoenix, Arizona when one would search for Townehouse Phoenix. If you are wondering why Townehouse, then click on the About Townehouse page for more information.

The purpose of this blog is yet to be determined.   I write to vent, encourage and to inform. The blog has no particular theme and I intend to keep it that way. I write for my enjoyment, and hopefully for the enjoyment of others. I value your input and have never removed a comment whether pro or con of something I have written. (I will delete a comment if the language would not be suitable for my grandchildren to read).



The Townehouse  Blog is privately owned and operated. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author of the blog article. This blog is not affiliated, nor are the opinions influenced by, any organization, employer (past or present) that the blog author may be associated with.

In that this blog consists of opinions of the author, it is fully expected that some may disagree in whole or in part with these opinions. The blog offers opportunity to respond to these opinions, either publicly via the space provided on each article, or privately to the author using the Feedback form. Your comments and opinions are welcome. Please remember that nothing I publish would be something I would not want my grandchildren to read, and to that same sentiment, I will remove any objectionable content that does not meet that criteria. I will not remove any content for  any reason but that.