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You may have noticed a box to subscribe to the Townehouse Blog. You may wonder, why should I subscribe. You may be suspicious that I will spam your inbox with unwanted ads and sell the subscription list to unsavory spammers. You may think this, but you would be wrong. I won’t do that.  I hate spammers as much as you do.  You have my word.

Why then should you subscribe, you may ask yourself. There are several reasons for subscribing to the Townehouse Blog.

  •  If you subscribe, you will receive a nicely formatted email advising you when the Townehouse Blog has been updated with a new blog article. You will be able to read enough of the article to help you decide if you are interested in the full article, and if so, you are provided a link to the full article. Additionally, the email has a link to unsubscribe, should you choose to do so. And I assure you, it will work as promised.  Also It is free and it is ad free.
  • Another reason to subscribe is that it feeds my ego. I am truly honored to think a person would think enough of my articles to want to subscribe to be notified when it is updated.
  • Finally, it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling every time I see the number of subscribers increase.

However,if you don’t like receiving such emails, there are other ways to follow the Townehouse blog. You can follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, or via the Townehouse Blog Facebook Page.

Should you choose to subscribe or follow the blog, I just want to thank you in advance. If you have any comments, concerns, or recommendations, please click on the Feedback To The Townehouse Blog page to fill out a form that will email me directly.


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