About Townehouse Name

I originally started using Townehouse as a “brand” back in the late 80′s when I operated a public bulletin board system (BBS) known as the Townehouse BBS.  The BBS originally started as a small offering on a software known as QuickBBS and later migrated to software called Spitfire.  Townehouse BBS grew and soon was offering thousands of files for download, both online and near line, as well as BBS door games, and QWK mail nodes, both FidoNet and HugNet.  At its peak, he BBS was averaging around 75 calls per day.  The BBS was accessible via dial up only.

In the mid 90′s, as the internet grew in popularity, use of BBS for mail transfer, and gaming fell of the grid.  The internet was easier to use and  offered more.  Townehouse made a brief comeback in 2005 being operated as a web based BBS but it seemed the only appeal was for cretins to attempt to hack the system.

Currently Townehouse.net only hosts the Townehouse Blog.  I am looking forward to adding additional features in the future so watch this space.  What can I say, I have been “geeking” for a long time now.

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