Goodbye Pepper!

Since I began publishing this blog in 2010 I have had the sad duty of writing  a memorial for two of my dogs who crossed the rainbow bridge.  First was Libbi in January of 2013 and most recently was Darby in July of 2022.  It is now my sad duty to write about Pepper who passed away at 10:25 p.m.  on May   21, 2023.  His death was expected and was no surprise when it happened, but knowing the inevitable is about to happen somehow does not make it any easier.when it happens  I am no novice at this.  I did a mental inventory last night while trying to fall asleep and realized that Pepper is just the last in a list of 12 furry friends I have lost over the years.  One would think I should be used to it by now, but I am not.  

Pepper was born on May 5th, 2009 of dubious heritage.  It is believed that one of his parents was a Pomeranian and the other a Jack Russell Terrier.  I have been told that made him a Jackeranian.  Any one familiar with those two breeds knows how much they like to bark.  Combining the two created a super yapper dog.  Pepper just col not control himself.  He felt it was his duty to announce every delivery driver, whether they were coming to our home or not, every passing squirrel, and most falling leaves.  To be honest, the yapping was quite annoying at times but this morning when my son and grandson arrived at my home to assist in the burial I wished with all my heart that Pepper was busy announcing their arrival.  In stead I was listening to tomb like silence. 

Pepper was not originally my dog.  He was originally owned by my Granddaughter who picked him from a litter  of dogs at a neighbors house.  Due to a set of unfortunate circumstances, she was unable to keep him and brought him to live with me.  I guess I could say it was an unfortunate set of circumstances for her, but very fortunate for me as Pepper and I quickly became fast friends.  When Pepper was not busy barking he  was always by my side, whether in the yard, sitting on the couch watching T.V., or sleeping at night.  He was so loyal that even in his final days when it was almost too weak to stand he somehow managed to muster the strength to follow me from one room to the next.  He was a real trooper.  

I am sure everyone is familiar with the idea that a dog is “man’s best friend”.  I cannot speak for all dogs, but I can state with certainty that Pepper was truly my best friend.  People who do not own a dog, or more appropriately are not owned by a dog do not under stand that the grief and the ache one feels is real.  Writing about Pepper is a catharsis for the ache I feel in my heart.  I know from experience that it will get better, but until it does, it will be awfully lonely sitting by myself on the couch in the  evenings.  

Goodbye Pepper.   I really miss you buddy. 


Tom Lind

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  1. Donna GlaserMay 22, 2023

    So sorry to hear that your special friend crossed the rainbow bridge.

  2. JudiMay 23, 2023

    Tom, this is so touching and my heart aches for you. I’m so very sorry about the loss of Pepper!


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