Our Nation’s Greatest Shame!

denied-google-searchPreviously I have written about the plight of homeless veterans. I have referred to this as our Nation’s shame and I have stated that the word homeless should never be used as an adjective to describe a veteran. I still feel this way but I believe that the idea of veterans contemplating or committing suicide has grown to epidemic proportions and needs to be addressed immediately, and with all available resources, for this truly is our nation’s greatest shame. .

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My Next Great Adventure

540x360As a boy I would often camp out in the woods behind my parents’ house. Although not more than a few minutes away from home I was physically, visibly, and emotionally alone. My memory of those times is that I enjoyed the peace and quiet, the solitude, and the opportunity to sneak a smoke without fear of detection. Often I would find myself camping alone with no one bu my dog Minnie to go with me. My memories of such adventures is that I enjoyed the solitude. I enjoyed doing what I wanted to do on my schedule. Recently while on a family camping trip with sons, grandchildren, brother-in-law, nieces and nephews I decided to recreate the experience and see if the memory aligns with reality. And so, tomorrow, I am off.

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How to become an Asshat

k5z4q8xqcbwq5zk023v0I am certain all are familiar with the popular definition of insanity.In case you are not, the Urban Dictionary defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I have discovered that this definition is quite applicable to debating subject matter such as politics, race, or religion in a Facebook group. To my knowledge no one has ever changed the mind of another as the result of debating them on Facebook. As stated, to my knowledge. Should anyone have evidence to the contrary they are invited to comment below.

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It’s Time to Start Being Adults!

84982525_901468161e_m2The rhetoric is getting tedious. The false cause and effect statements are getting boring. The arguments are meaningless and the majority of the opinion makers are uninformed. I am, of course, talking about all the claims of brutality surrounding each and every time a police officer is forced to take the life of a black person. If one follows the news as reported on main stream media and social media one would be inclined to think that the police are committing genocide on the African-American segment of our society. Allow me to elaborate.

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My Old Man

Captain Carl LindAs a boy I only knew my grandfather from my mother’s side. My paternal grandfather, John, was dead long before I was born. In that he died of his own hand my Father was reluctant to speak of him so I knew very little of his life. Now that I am a grandfather I feel compelled to tell my father’s story for the sake of all who follow. Therefore, I am writing this piece to honor him on his 96th birthday and make a record for the sake of his great-grandchildren, and beyond.

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It’s Not the Guns!

635988737856437196-1132677634_gun-control-1-1Every time there is a mass shooting incident in this country I brace myself. I know what is coming and I know I am going to get upset. I try to prepare myself but all the preparations I make do not seem to help. In the end, I am still upset. I know the conversations will immediately turn to gun control, whatever that means. When we should be talking about the horror of the event, when we should be talking about ways to avoid future incidents, instead we talk about something called “gun control”. At that point the conversation becomes inane as we are no longer discussing the event but are instead discussing what is high on some people’s political agenda.

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Reflections on Being A Police Officer

downloadOn  June 11th, 2016 the J.B. Covert Masonic Lodge presented its annual Flag Retirement Ceremony. The Lodge, in partnership with a local Boy Scout Troop, accepted flags from around the community to be retired in a proper and respectful way. In addition, the lodge chose to Honor law enforcement by burning a scroll containing all the names of officers killed in the line of duty during 2015 and 2016. I was honored to be able to give a few words on being a police officer. I share my thoughts with you today.

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On Gorillas and Such

harambeSomethings in life are inexplicable. Somethings defy logic. Somethings defy understanding. I am, of course, talking about the outcry over the killing of the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla known as Harambe. This article is not intended to be just another report detailing the incident. That story has been told over and over. The intent here is to examine the response and, as if it mattered, my thoughts on all of this.

Part of the cause of the ground swell of cries for the gorilla is due to the tendency of people to humanize the animals they care about. But that is on us. A gorilla is not a human being. A gorilla may be smart, maybe close to humans on the evolutionary scale, but is still a gorilla, is still a beast, and not a human. No matter how many words a gorilla can understand, no matter how many tricks a gorilla can be trained to perform, in the long run, the animal is still a gorilla, and the gorilla is still an animal. Nothing is going to change that. That is just the way it is. As far as the actual deed, the gorilla was not aware that he was about to die, and the gorilla died, presumably without regret or suffering. The little boy lived, and that is what matters.

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Memorial Day – 2016

img_mouseover3On this Memorial Day I feel compelled to tell the story of two of my cousins, both who tragically died in the service of their country. This is not a story of death in combat nor a story of bravery and heroism, not in the traditional sense. But it is a story that I feel needs to be told before there is no one left to tell it. Here is the story, or at least what I remember, of the fate of two of my cousins, Ray and Marty Schrand.

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My New “Career”

cartoon-man-working-computer-13780903A while back I wrote a blog article titled “Notice of Unretirement”. In this article I denounced retirement as a state of existence that was not entirely to my liking. I declared myself back on the job market and then sat back, waiting for the offers to come rolling in. Unfortunately, the groundswell of offers that I was anticipating did not materialize. In fact, excluding those who made some obscene suggestions as to what I could do for a career choice, I received one viable offer. An offer that I, after due consideration, decided to accept.

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