After The Reunion Reflections

50-bird_med 300x300It is over! It came and it went. Just like that the long-awaited Class Reunion for the McNicholas High School Class of 1964 has reunited to celebrate 50 years since graduation. Wow! How can it possibly be 50 years? But, as I looked around at myself and my fellow classmates, the 50 years was obvious in many of our appearances. Suffice it to say we had all aged. Some did seem to have cheated time as the effects of aging were not as obvious and for others, time cheated them. One person, when commenting on a photo of part of the group said “who are all those old people?”. I would like to modify the sentiment only slightly and ask, who are all those older people?

I am happy to report that my anxieties about the event were unfounded. No one seemed to have any issues carried forward since then. Of course, as I had previously mentioned, this was the first reunion I had ever attended. Until then, my only experience with class reunions was what I learned from the movies, such as “Grosse Pointe Blank”. I wonder, were there any professional killers in the group? I am happy to report that the jocks and cool kids were no longer obvious as a group. The nerds on the other hand swelled in ranks as we all seemed to embrace nerdliness as we have gotten older. Everyone was kind and friendly and all who I encountered seemed genuinely glad to see me. I wonder how many were actually trying to remember who I was. Only one person actually told me she had no clue. Hmmm, there is a time for honesty and then there is a time for honesty. There were many receding hair lines and many expanding waistlines other than my own. However, on the other side of the coin, I was surprised to see how many had maintained their youthful, slim appearance. Something I must work on before the next time. I wonder how many body part replacements, bypasses, and stints were in the crowd?

In reflection, I cannot help but wonder about many things. The class of ’64 had its dreams. I cannot help but wonder how many realized their dreams and how many are still seeking them. How many found the love of their life and how many are still looking. I know a few who not only found but lost the love of their life and to them I offer my deepest sympathy. The Class of ’64 is a slice of humanity and therefore we all share the human condition. Some are very successful, some not so much. Some are very happy, others not happy at all, and every degree in-between. I wonder how many promises to keep in touch were made this weekend, and how many promises will be kept. Will you go through your contact list, pause over a name, reminisce about the reunion, and move on without making the call? Go ahead, make that call, I am guessing you will be glad that you did.

I am very glad I took the opportunity this past weekend to go to the event and to reconnect with so many, whether you remembered me or pretended that you did. I regret that some did not attend. I was looking forward to seeing people who did not make it. But remember, whoever you are, you were in my thoughts. The biggest regret is that I waited this long to attend a reunion. I did not realize what an impact it could have. I am looking forward to the next time, and hope to see you there.


Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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  1. Jeanne MontgomerySeptember 16, 2014

    Tom You are a wonderful writer. I will have to start following your blog. Even though we don’t agree politically, I would have loved to see you at the reunion. Mary Hartlaub, Marilyn Stewart and I are planning to get together soon. I have seen each of them but they have not seen each other in a long time. I am glad you had a good time- It looked like fun. Jeanne

    1. Tom LindSeptember 16, 2014


      It means a lot seeing what you wrote. You were one of the people I was thinking of when I mentioned some people did not show up that I was hoping to see. I have enjoyed our FB debates

  2. Mark ShermanSeptember 16, 2014

    Who’s hairline is receding?


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