Bullying: Then and Now

cyber bullyI suspect bullies have been around since the beginning of time. There is nothing new ab out bullies or bullying. Some methods of bullying has changed as a result of technology, and I think as the result of technology we are more aware of the act. This, like a lot of things, are talked about, and being dealt with. In the past, this type of thing was frequently overlooked, just boys being boys etc. When I was a boy I was the victim of bullying. It was not long, and it was not severe, but apparently it was traumatic enough to still be vivid in my mind today.

At the age of seven my family moved and in the middle of second grade I found myself in a new school with new people. Shortly after that I showed up in school wearing my first pair of glasses. Back then, in the early fifties, it was uncommon for young children to wear glasses. That first day was the worst. I spent the entire recess periods being taunted with name calling, such as Dr. Quack-Quack and Mr. Four Eyes. Thinking back on it seems trivial and just kids being kids. I survived it, and after several days they all got used to the new look and it was over. But what about today. How would this type of bullying be different today?

I can imagine the same scenario but it would not end after a few days. Probably someone would have recorded the taunting. Someone would have emailed it to another who would email  it two others and so on. It probably would have been uploaded to social media, and the sight of Sister Vianney comforting me would be additional reason for ridicule and social media postings. In short, what went away in a few days back then could stay around to haunt one for a much long period, and reach a much larger group, and have a much larger impact on the bullied individual and how they cope with it moving forward. In the past, the big kid beat up the little kid in the school yard. Several people witnessed the act, and several people saw the little kid run away in tears. But then it was over, at least until the next beating. Not so today. Bullies no longer have to be bigger or stronger or meaner.

I think society is mandated by decency to deal with the bully. From the bully stealing lunch money to the mid eastern dictator bully mass murdering it must be dealt with. We are, and I mean every citizen of the earth, have a duty to protect one another. We have a duty to ensure bullies are not permitted to bully. If you walk past the kid getting a beating in the school yard and do nothing, you are part of the problem. And if you are made aware of mass killings and look the other way, you too are part of the problem. If we do not protect the weak, then who will?

It was suggested to write this blog article after I put out a request for blog ideas. I do not know why this topic was requested, and I do not know if what I wrote is what she had in mind. I do not know if she was bullied at any time in her life and I hope I was never a bully to her, or to anyone. Being a bully victim, I would hate to find out a have a long-lost memory of being a bully myself. If I ever was a bully, let me take this opportunity to say I am sorry. And for Nick, and Tony, and Larry, and Johnny, I forgive you. Thanks for the suggesting Judy. This blog article is dedicated to you.


Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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  1. judy aka judi aka judithSeptember 8, 2013

    My tender brother! I love you and was really inspired at the thought of Sr. Consent comforting you. A different side of her that I didn’t know. She was my first grade teacher and I was petrified of her.Probably cause she was so tall and I was so small and shy! Great blog! We are called to protect each other every day in ways big and small…….

  2. judy aka judi aka judithSeptember 8, 2013

    How oh how did Sr.Vianney turn into Sr.Consent?????


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