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Some Gave All1,321,612! That is a large number. That number represents the total number of Americans killed in war, starting with the revolutionary war. The most were killed in the Civil War, followed by World War II, World War I, and the Vietnam War. They all died for the same reason. They all died for you. They all died to provide the blanket of freedom we all enjoy, and take for granted, every day. Because of them we are an independent nation. Because of them we are one nation, undivided. Because of them we are not under Nazi rule, nor Communist rule, nor British. Instead we are under rule of the people. We print what we want, we say what we want, we pray where and how we want. Because of them.

Today is the day we have set aside to honor the memory of those who have fallen. Today is the day we fly our American Flags, flags we can fly because of their sacrifice. Today is a day of remembering. Today should be a day of solemnity, a day of quiet reflection. But somehow, we seem to have lost our focus. Somehow today has become a day for giant Memorial Day sales. A day to drink ourselves senseless as we party, grill out, and celebrate. But how many of us, as we celebrate are celebrating for the right reasons. Have we stopped long enough in today’s event to ponder on the meaning of this day? Have we taken time before we popped the top off a chilled beverage to say a silent thank you to those who have fallen? If not, please set aside a few minutes of silent reflection to remember those who have fallen. Say a silent prayer for those still standing somewhere in the world who are in jeopardy because they wear the uniform of the American Military. And remember those missing in action who may never be found.

And for you naysayers, those who called returning heroes baby killers, those who burned their draft cards, those who fled to Canada, you are able to do  this only because of the sacrifice of our American Heroes. And speaking of heroes, they are the true heroes. Not the felons who wear a football uniform. Not the pampered millionaires who wear a baseball uniform. Only those who have,or are willing to give there lives for their countrymen are the real heroes. So you can talk about your conspiracies, you can talk about the hatred for America and what it stands for, you can write negative articles or stand on your pulpit and spout anti-American sentiment. But you can only do so because of the sacrifice of those we honor today. Honor them!


Those are my thoughts, what are yours?


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  1. KimMay 27, 2013

    This is love: that they lay down their lives for a friend… thanks doesn’t begin to cover the gratitude and respect for all those who have dedicated themselves to keeping us safe and free!


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