My Next Great Adventure

540x360As a boy I would often camp out in the woods behind my parents’ house. Although not more than a few minutes away from home I was physically, visibly, and emotionally alone. My memory of those times is that I enjoyed the peace and quiet, the solitude, and the opportunity to sneak a smoke without fear of detection. Often I would find myself camping alone with no one bu my dog Minnie to go with me. My memories of such adventures is that I enjoyed the solitude. I enjoyed doing what I wanted to do on my schedule. Recently while on a family camping trip with sons, grandchildren, brother-in-law, nieces and nephews I decided to recreate the experience and see if the memory aligns with reality. And so, tomorrow, I am off.

I will be spending the next three days alone in the not so primitive, wooded, campground at East Fork State Park in southwest Ohio. I am tent camping and the only modern conveniences I plan to bring are a propane camp stove, a 2-meter band ham radio, my iPad and iPhone. The ham radio is primarily for use as a source of monitoring the weather as I do not know if I will have any internet connectivity. The iPad as a music source, and the iPhone to play audio books as I hike, a pursuit I intend to do for nine to ten miles per day. Additionally, I will use the iPad to make a log of the adventure, possibly for later publishing.

I truly have no idea if this is a good planor one that will prove to be an experience either fraught with danger, totally embarrassing, or something in-between. I plan to “rough-it” as I will be living those days in a Ozark Trails 11 person tent, with occupancy being restricted to only one. I will arm myself only with a sheath knife because I believe firearms are frowned upon in state parks. Should I be attacked by a bear or a bevy of co-eds this may be the last time you see an update on the Townehouse Blog. The bear attack is unlikely and the bevy of co-eds is equally unlikely, but I am quite certain I would not survive either encounter.  However, if I have a choice on how to meet my demise, I choose the latter.

Thus concludes the pre-report of my next great adventure. When I return (if I return) I will file a post report of the trip. That is, assuming I have anything of interest to report. Of course, when I say “of interest” that is to say that I found it interesting. You may not.
Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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  1. AnonymousSeptember 5, 2016

    Have a great trip! May the woods be with you😊


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