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No TopicI find myself in a peculiar state. For some reason I am struggling for a topic to write about. This is unusual because generally I have an opinion about everything, and have no qualms about expressing them. Perhaps I have been too tightly focused recently on the city budget process and all that surrounded it. It was a fascinating process and most fascinating of all was that we even have a budget. We came close to not having a budget. One more council member voted the other way would have changed it all. Fortunately, that was not the case. But that is old news. This blog article has no topic, so it is the “No Topic Blog”. I will express some random thoughts, just so, if for no other reason, those who read this blog will know I am alive and well.

The sameness of life in the city is the same. Very little changes. East versus west, Skyline versus Goldstar, UC versus Xavier, dogs versus cats, conservatives versus liberals, and so on. I think it is time a new controversy emerged. Something new and different to peak our interest and hold our attention. Something controversial but not outrageous. On the local political spectrum things will not stay stagnant long. This is a council election year and the silly season will soon begin. The air waves will about with the finger-pointing, name calling, accusations and denials that we fondly call campaigning. It should be fun. Several have already thrown their hats in the ring via an announcement at the budget hearings. In the meantime, how about a search for a new City Manager? I think we are overdue.


The city will soon begin a search for a new Police Chief. The paint is hardly dry on the old one and they are looking again. There will be a near future blog article about the Departure of Chief Craig. The timing is not right for that article just yet. However, the two L words should be paramount in the minds of those looking for the new chief, longevity and loyalty.

The Police Department has embraced the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Trans-gender community. I am not opining on this development, just reporting it. Officers are encouraged to march, in uniform, in the Gay Pride parade later this month. Hmmmm, let’s see……

This next may seem off topic, but since this blog has no topic it is okay. I want to report on something near and dear to my heart. Linux Mint 15, code-named Olivia, has been released. I highly recommend it. I have been using Linux Mint since version six, and since the switch I have had no issues with virus, spy ware, malware, root kits or the like. I highly recommend it as an alternative to Windows.

That is all I have for the “No Topic Blog”. If you have any topic suggestions, feel free to let me know. I would also be happy to post articles from guess bloggist, should you have something you want to say. Email your blog to me and I will post it and give full credit to the author.


Those are my thoughts, what are yours?


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  1. Scott LadriganJune 8, 2013

    camping next week!

  2. ScottyJune 8, 2013

    Well, Tom. As I am stuck with dial up. To download Linux would take several days. My dial up takes 6.5 minutes to download just one MB. Plus, I know nothing about how to use it and am getting too damn old to try to learn any new, complicated, techical crap. I have several anti this and that programs on my puter, the best being AVG anti-virus.

    So I am with windows, even though I know you aqre right. I also have firefox, but compared to IE:, IT”S FLAT SLOWER THAN MOLASSES IN JANUARY.


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