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Happy Thanksgiving!Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite Holidays. When I was a boy my parents always hosted the thanksgiving feast. Preparation of the turkey and all the responsibilities attached to that task fell squarely on my father’s shoulders. There are many good stories to be told regarding how he handled those responsibilities, some very funny. But that is for another time. Suffice it to say that for the most part, those endeavors were a success. It is funny how just walking into a house with the smell of a roasting turkey can flood your mind with memories of Thanksgivings past.

Yesterday, as we gathered at my son’s house for our Thanksgiving dinner I began reflecting on the thought that there are many empty chairs in many homes across American. Those empty chairs may be a result of the lost of a loved on through death, whether attributed to natural causes, accident, or war. Those chairs can also be empty due to other reasons. Family rifts or people lost to the streets. Wouldn’t this be great time to mend the rears in the fabric of your family? If you have someone in your family that you are at odds with, this is the time to reach out and bring them back home.

For you morons on Facebook it have been theorizing that the Thanksgiving holiday is a celebration of massacring Native Americans, all I can say is do some research, read a book, and get your facts straight idiot! I for one am sick and tired to these losers bad mouthing the United States and what it stands for. Guess what, all the borders have crossings that are two-way streets. If you don’t like it, get the hell out. Go to Iran and bad mouth the country. Let me know how that works out for you.

One other point on empty chairs and I will get off my soap box. How many new empty chairs will be created by retailers forcing people to work on the holiday? How many empty chairs will be created by greedy little shoppers who think saving a few bucks is more important that spending time with family?

I am grateful that I have family to share the holiday. I am grateful that we have no rifts in our family. I am grateful that those family members who are not physically present are in my heart and mind. I am grateful for those who have crossed over that I had time to spend with them in years gone by. I still love them and I still miss them. Thanksgiving? Hell yes, I am thankful.

“So it is written so shall it be”



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  1. judi aka judy aka judithNovember 23, 2012

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Although we have an extremely dark period in our history regarding Native Americans I have never heard of Thanksgiving referred to in this way and I absolutley disagree that is the reason for the celebration! It is one of my favorite holidays too! You would have to drag me out of the house to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday! By the way Andy celebrated Thanksgiving in WI with good friends of his who are Native Americans and they got 7 inches of snow last night!

  2. TJ SwingNovember 23, 2012

    You mentioned a few times about the empty chairs, but you didnt mention the NEW chairs that have been created over the years. The new young faces that sit around the table on that thankful day.

    As we empty chairs due to rifts or deaths, it is nice to see them filled by new shiny faces.


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