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enemies-no-longer-civil-war-grant-and-lee-randy-steeleI am confused. I am not sure what is being accomplished by these recent attempts to rewrite history. I guess the most recent and most publicized is the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the grounds of the State House in North Carolina. In case you weren’t paying attention, the flag was flown as part of a monument erected to honor the war dead of those who had fought for the Confederate States of America. Now the latest ill thought out idea is by Winston-Salem Council Member James Taylor who seems to think the word Dixie should be struck from the dictionary, or some other such lunacy. So far, North Carolina has deemed the Battle Flag as a non-flag and now they want to make the word Dixie a non-word. Hey, I have an idea. Let us remove the State of North Carolina from the United States. Yes definitely, that is it, that is what we should do.

After reading the aforementioned cited bit of stupidity, I began to wonder, what else should we do to rewrite and obliterate history and historical facts to placate the few who unfortunately are easily offended by just about everything. Since the Townehouse Blog originates in Southwest Ohio I decided to follow James Taylor’s idiocy and look at some of our local landmarks that need be obliterated. Let us start with the Dixie Terminal Building. Shall we demolish the building or simply rename it? And of course, right across the Ohio River in the “Land of Dixie” we have the Dixie Highway. Should we tear it up, or would a renaming of the highway be okay? But wait, that would only be the beginning of the big history erasure event. Now we need to find out how to remove all references of the building and highway from just a lot of places. For starters we will need to recall all maps, atlases, and reference books, reprint them and reissue them. But we have a bigger problem. This is the digital age. Do a Google search and see what number of returns you may get if you search the word Dixie. Wow! This problem may be bigger than originally thought. Maybe we should just think about this part of the plan and move on to some other concerns.

Now, the point of rewriting history, I presume, is to obliterate any mention of a point in history that some folks are offended by. There is that word again. In this case, we are trying to remove from history all references to what are probably the darkest days in American History before the election of Barack Obama to Office. We are going to pretend that the American Civil War did not happen, and we are going to pretend that the practice of slavery did not occur. Or wait, am I wrong? Is it that we want to forget there was a civil war but we need to remember slavery . Or do we forget slavery and remember the Civil War. This is getting out of hand. Somebody should write a guide-book on how to rewrite history. (“Rewriting History For Dummies”). Perhaps we should take a lesson from Nazi Germany who worked on the history problem by having massive book burnings. That would be a start.

I think to properly erase history and reminders of slavery in America, we need to remove those people who are members of any race whose ancestors were slaves in America. To do this, members of the black race have to go. While they are going, they can take members of the white race with them for members of several white nationalities were slaves in America, most predominately Irish. But wait, there is more. The Asian races must go because Chinese were once American Slaves. I don’t know if Japanese were slaves or not, but they do remind us of World War II so they got to go as well, along with the Germans and Italians. Why stop at just one war? So as we begin to thin the population to remove these reminders, lets take a look around and see who is left. Ah yes, the original occupants of this land, the Native Americans. No wait, they too were slaves so they to must go. That pretty well covers it. Everybody is gone, but thankfully, so are the reminders of slavery and war in America. See how much better off we will be. North America, at least between Mexico and Canada, will be a vast and empty space. That will be fitting and just because the land that we love will be as vast and empty as the heads of those idiots who think we should be rewriting American History in the first place.
Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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