The Land of the Free?

American Flag and Declaration of Independence

I cannot help but wonder what the results would be if one conducted a man on the street interview and asked the question “Why is July 4th a holiday?”. How many would respond that it is Independence Day? How many would even know what Independence Day is and why we celebrate it. We are the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave. Well, at least we used to be. What has happened to America since that day in 1776 when the founders wrote those words declaring our Independence from the bonds of England. How Far have we come since then?

I fear that we are closer to the state we were in when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Today we, as Americans, once again find ourselves held captive by a government that has overstepped the authorities granted to it by the founders. The hierarchy of how we govern has been turned upside-down. The concept of The People, the States, and The Federal is no longer how we are governed. We are supposed to be self-governed, but are we? We the people are supposed to tell those we choose how we want things done, but do we? Those we have elected to represent us are supposed to follow the mandates we, as the people, have determined to be the course we want them to follow, but do they?

The States are no longer above the Federal Government in the distribution of power. The States are subservient to the wants and needs of the Federal Government. The States no longer give direction to the Federal Government. The Federal Government dictates to the States by using coercive measures such as withholding funds if a State invokes States Rights and refuses to comply with the demands of the Federal Government.

We the People who are supposed to be at the top of the pyramid find ourselves at the very bottom. Our elected representatives at both the State and Federal levels do not follow the mandates of the people. They instead, use the power of the office to dictate what the people want and not the other way around, as it should be. Most people live in fear of their Government. They fear the power exerted by the three-letter agencies who can take away all that belongs to them, usually without due process. Is this what the Founders wanted?

Is it time to once again declare our Independence. Is it time to realize that the Federal Government has gone too far. When the Federal Government can invade our pockets, our bedrooms, and our bathrooms have they exceeded the mandates of the people. Have they taken the reins of government that were cast off when the founders said the governments receives its powers from the consent of the governed? How much power would the federal government really have it the only power they have was given to them by the consent of the governed?

That, of course, is the crux of the problem. Those referred to as “the governed”. The governed are us, we the people. We are the ones who are ultimately responsible for the status of how we are governed. We make the decisions by showing up and casting our vote. Yet over half the population that can vote do not vote. We depend on Government. Government should depend on us. We need to set the course; we need to give the direction. But we do not. Too many people look to the government to take care of them. To provide handouts. To take away the decisions, to provide the excuses. When did we become so dependent? Is this what the founders wanted. When did we become the “Land of what’s in it for me and the home of the craven”

It is time to rebel. I am not advocating the overthrow of the Government through force of arms. We are not there. . .yet. I am advocating the overthrow of the Government through the force of the ballot box. I think it is time we stood up for what we believe in. It is time we believed in the concept of our right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, and that we vote out of office anyone who is counter to those goals. It is time to turn the hierarchy back to where it should be, where the people tell the States and the States tell the Federal government how it is going to be. We have that power; we need only to exercise it.


Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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