The Unsung Heroes

police.badgeEach day walking among us are men and women who are armed and ready to lay down their lives to protect you and yours. I am not talking about the on-duty police officers. Of course, they have the same commitment to protect and serve, but I am talking about the off-duty police officers who go about their daily business, always ready to come to the defense of a fellow human being. For the most part, when an off duty police officer leaves their homes, whether it be to go to the corner grocery store or to take their family to church on Sunday, they go armed and ready to respond as necessary. They aren’t paid for this, they aren’t required to do this but they do so out of a sense of duty. They do it routinely and expect nothing in return, and typically they get nothing in return. My father frequently said that Police work was a thankless job, and for the most part it is. Rarely are the thousands of courageous acts, good deeds, and risks taken by a police officer acknowledged or rewarded. That is why they are the unsung heroes.

As related in an earlier blog , there has been a rash of cop-bashing articles circulating on social media sites. Most of these articles are the result of ignorance, or a lack of understanding of police work. Police officers often get a bad rap because the majority of citizen contacts are negative. Nobody likes the cop who gives them a speeding ticket. Nobody likes the cop who shows up at their door to inform them of the death of a loved one. These things, and others like them, are why most people have a negative attitude towards police officers. Police officers rarely are the bearers of good news. And because the good deeds, the courageous acts, the risks taken go unnoticed, the positive side of policing also goes unnoticed.

The Townhouse Phoenix has added a new feature to the blog page. A new page has been added that will highlight these acts of courage and selflessness that all too often go unnoticed. The new feature will give a short narrative of an event in a police officer’s life that points out the courage, bravery, and dedication to duty that is displayed everyday but is never acknowledged. The Phoenix will use this opportunity to not only acknowledge, but to say thank you. Towards this end, a new page has been added to the blog entitled “Heroes Among Us”. Please consider clicking over to the page and read the articles as they are presented. (Click here to view the page now)/.  Hopefully, the articles to be published here will help change a few minds.

The next time you see a police officer, whether in the car, walking the beat, or having a cup of coffee, take the time to nod, smile, and say thank you. It will go a long way.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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  1. Judy aka Judi aka JudithAugust 9, 2014

    Great idea! I can’t wait to read the stories! I always smile or chat with the police officers directing traffic when I leave my building at night but never a specific thank you for what they do. I will remember that next time!


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