There’s A New Police Chief In Town!

bildeUnorganized Thoughts would like to welcome the new Police Chief of the City of Cincinnati, James T. Graig. This starts a new era of policing in Cincinnati as this is the first Chief ever who has been appointed from outside the ranks. Traditionally, all Police Chiefs in the City came up through the ranks. Originally, I jumped on the bandwagon and thought we don’t need no outsiders telling us how to police our city. Then I started to think it through.

I realized there is probably a lot to be gained by bringing fresh eyes and new ideas to our police force. For one thing, Chief Craig does not carry the baggage of having friends and enemies in the department. There is no expectation that he will feel obligated to “take care of” an old beat partner, or settle a score for a disagreement long since past. I think this is definitely a plus. And this works better for the rank and file as well. No one has to worry about where the bodies are buried (figuratively speaking), or whether some past issue will affect todays decision. We all get a fresh start.

I think there are some serious challenges ahead for the new guy. It has got to be tough to come into a city and not know how to pronounce Reading Road, or that it is warsh and not wash, and if somebody say’s “please” they didn’t hear you and they want your to repeat. It may take a while to develop a taste for sliders and cheese coneys. And please don’t get confused when you are driving through District Four but across the street is a different City, and that City is surrounded on all sides by Cincinnati. I will give you want hint to help you in this new City, and always keep this in mind. . . . .the East side is better!

I only have one question, what is your military rank. Previously, all Police Chiefs carried the rank of Colonel, which was designated by the collar insignia of an eagle. I notice you have four stars. Are you a General? I went to the Cincinnati Police Department web site, but it only recognizes you as Chief, no military rank is indicated, unlike all other members of the command staff. So, if you are a general, I think that makes you the top ranking Police Officer in Hamilton County. I’m impressed.

I only want to say that I wish you well. You may turn out to be exactly what this City and it’s Police Department needs. You will be proof positive that going to Elder is not a prerequisite to being a good police cfhief. The best of luck to you, Chief Craig. And those are my thoughts, what are yours?

Tom Lind

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