Tom Lind

My Next Great Adventure

As a boy I would often camp out in the woods behind my parents’ house. Although not more than a few minutes away from home I was physically, visibly, and […]

How to become an Asshat

I am certain all are familiar with the popular definition of insanity.In case you are not, the Urban Dictionary defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over and […]

It’s Time to Start Being Adults!

The rhetoric is getting tedious. The false cause and effect statements are getting boring. The arguments are meaningless and the majority of the opinion makers are uninformed. I am, of […]

My Old Man

As a boy I only knew my grandfather from my mother’s side. My paternal grandfather, John, was dead long before I was born. In that he died of his own […]

It’s Not the Guns!

Every time there is a mass shooting incident in this country I brace myself. I know what is coming and I know I am going to get upset. I try […]

Reflections on Being A Police Officer

On  June 11th, 2016 the J.B. Covert Masonic Lodge presented its annual Flag Retirement Ceremony. The Lodge, in partnership with a local Boy Scout Troop, accepted flags from around the community […]

On Gorillas and Such

Somethings in life are inexplicable. Somethings defy logic. Somethings defy understanding. I am, of course, talking about the outcry over the killing of the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla known as Harambe. […]

Memorial Day - 2016

On this Memorial Day I feel compelled to tell the story of two of my cousins, both who tragically died in the service of their country. This is not a […]

My New “Career”

A while back I wrote a blog article titled “Notice of Unretirement”. In this article I denounced retirement as a state of existence that was not entirely to my liking. […]

Thank You for Your Service

Recently I was fortunate enough to have been able to scratch two items off my bucket list. Thanks to the generosity of family and friends, I was given support (money) […]