Jul 21

Friday Night At The “Rec”

Dancing at the Rec

Dancing at the Rec

When I was young, Friday nights were “canteen” night at the local recreation center, typically referred to as the “Rec”.. What, you may ask your self, is canteen? Well, this is your lucky day because I am here to tell you Canteen was the magical transformation of a recreational center gym to a ballroom. That might be a slight overstatement, but you get the idea.

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Jul 14

Too Many unanswered questions

Unanswered QuestionsAs I approach my planned retirement and begin the twilight years of my life, I realize there are way too many unanswered questions. Reflecting back on incidents in the past, I cannot help but wonder how the world would have changed if certain events took a different course. For example, back in 1960 Nikita Khrushchev, in a fit of rage, banged his shoe on a desk and threatened to bury us all. Those were scary times as we practiced air raid drills at school. Had Khrushchev made good on his threat and launched a nuclear attack, what would the world look like today? Fortunately that question remains unanswered. I wonder, if an unanswered question is answered, is it still a question?

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May 14

The Empty Pew

The Empty PewAs the story goes, there was this old man who went to Mass every Sunday morning.; He always selected a large pew that was empty. His hope, his wish, his dream was that someday the pew would be occupied by himself, his wife, his children, his children’s spouses, and his grandchildren. But weeks, months, and years passed and he occupied the pew alone.

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Apr 18

To Retire Or Not To Retire. That Is The Question

To Retire or not to retireRecently a number of individuals I have been associated with have opted to retire. Most of those retiring I have enjoyed being associated with and will miss being around them, others, not so much. In one cases, the only way a certain individual will know he has retired is the location where he spends his day. The daily production will remain unchanged.

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Apr 17

The Magical, Mysterious Land of Carpet: Epilogue

Magical Mysterious Land of CarpetThe reign of terror has ended. All over the kingdom people are coming out of their homes, blinking in the bright light, slowly realizing that the darkness that has overshadowed the land for so long is now dissipation g. The sun is shining,, the grass is green, people everywhere are smiling and singing, shaking hands, and clapping each other on the back. The High Sovereign and his evil minions are gone and joy has returned to the land.

Many have asked what has become of The High Sovereign and those in his court who trembled in fear, but bowed and begged for his attention. Here is what I know:

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Feb 14

cops and Cars and Running For Your Life

Run For Your LifeEach day as I travel to and from work, I spend part of the time as a pedestrian walking through downtown. I have noticed there seems to be a lack of awareness on the part of many on the concept of pedestrian safety. In analyzing this thought, I realized there are three major components in pedestrian safety and each must do their part for it to work. Unfortunately, none seem to be doing what is expected of them. Let us break down the parts.

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Feb 09

I Really Hate Winter!

II hatge Winter hate winter. I mean I really hate winter. I am not talking about disliking winter. I am not talking about extremely disliking winter. I am talking pure, unadulterated hate. I do not mean the classic definition of winter, which is from the third week in December to the third week in March. My definition of winter is anytime the thermometer dips below 40 during the night or dips below 60 during the day. I don’t care if that happens in mid July. It is winter and I hate it.

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Jan 19

Queen City Metro Customer Serve Us

I ride the bus to and from work each day. I do this out of necessity, not desire. I ride five separate buses daily to get to work and back home again. This equates to 25 bus rides a week or 100 bus rides each month. Consequently, I have had plenty of opportunity to customer service, or the lack thereof on the Metro buses. Quite frankly, I am appalled.

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Dec 15

Merry Christmas, that’s right I said it, Merry Christmas

2F_Button_background copyMerry Christmas! Merry, Merry Christmas! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! See how easy it is to say the words. I did not feel compelled, not even once to say Happy Holidays. Why? Because this time of the year is when we celebrate Christmas. On December 25th, all the little children will come to the Christmas Tree and open their Christmas gifts. We will sing Christmas carols and we will play Christmas music on the radio. You get it, it is Christmas time.

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Dec 10

Wanted For Questioning – Frosty the Snowman

6682fed691bf41633b4d69bd33b0d8bc9868ded8_fullFrost the Snowman, a folk hero to many. But what messages are we sending to our children. In a closer examination of the story of Frosty, several things come to light. Things that concern me and things that should concern you as well. Was Frosty really someone we want our children to know? Consider the following.

What kind of example was Frosty giving as he puffed away on his “Old Corn Pipe”. What was he smoking in that pipe? We banned Joe the Camel. Why is Frosty allowed to endorse smoking?

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