Why Do We Call Them Phones?

Until very recently I have carried a Blackberry for a number of years. I thought it was quite useful to be able to get email, check my calendar, surf the […]

There Is a Bug In The Butter!

The title of this blog has absolutely nothing to do with the article itself. I heard somewhere one should have a headline that will get the attention of the reader. […]

How Memorial Was Memorial Day?

The grills have all cooled down, the hangovers are no longer hanging over, and most of us are back to work. However, since Memorial Day I have been wondering to […]

On Political Correctness

I am down right sick and tired of “Politically Correct”. I have had it. I don’t wish to offend anyone, and I don’t want to be rude. But I refuse […]

My Dog Ate My Blackberry

Last night as I prepared to go to bed, I was unable to locate my Blackberry. It sits on my nightstand every night because it doubles as my alarm clock, […]