APPS: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!

The Good The Bad and the UglyAPP, which is an abbreviation for application are software applications for various devises. Before the technological boom we are currently experiencing the average consumer would require software for their computer, and the majority were using a Microsoft operating system, some an Apple operating system and some others a Linux operating system. Now we also have many other devises such as Tablets, Smart phones, Game Consoles, Internet Ready TV and Blue Ray player, and others.

In my humble opinion, the most useful of these apps are those developed to function across platforms. Finding the right app to do that can be a challenge as there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of apps developed, with more coming every day. Here are a few recommendations:

The Good – One of the most useful to me is DROPBOX. Dropbox allows one to store files in the cloud, as well as locally on a PC. Dropbox has apps for Windows, Macs, Android devices, Linux, and more. I use a Windows PC at work, A Linux PC at home and either an IPAD, a NOOK, or a ‘DROID in between. If has proven very useful to be able to access my files at any location. After all, when inspiration strikes, you must be ready. In conjunction with accessing your files, you need software to modify or create files. There are several to choose from, but my recommendation is for QuickOffice. This app runs on IPAD, NOOK, and Android, and will allow you to modify or create Microsoft Office documents as well as open and view PDF files. Also of mention is an App called Evernote. Evernote allows one to create notes and attachments from many applications. It is great from clipping from the web, creating lists, or managing small projects. I should mention that Dropbox and Evernote are free within limits. Additionally, files in both Dropbox and Evernote can be accessed via a web browser should you be at a computer that does not have the APP installed.

The Bad – Sadly, there are a lot of bad applications out there. This includes applications that do not do what they are supposed to do, that crash your device, or are immensely overpriced for what they offer. Fortunately, most bad apps are easily removed, and frequently you can get your money back if you contact the app store within 24 hours (but not always). One hap, in my opinion, is so pointless that it requires mentioning. The app is call for IPHONR is designed for sorting socks. When purchased for about $150.00, you get the App, a scanner, and 12 pairs of socks with embedded RFID chips. When you scan your socks, it tells you which socks match, how many times the socks have been washed, and if the sock in your hand is a left or right sock. Until now, I had no idea there was a difference. How many times have I gone off to work with my socks reversed, or even worse, tow left socks or two right socks. I wonder if this accounts for those days with things “just don’t feel right?.

The Ugly – I know of no ugly apps to report on. I am sure there are ugly apps, but none that I know of. I had to include the concept because I cannot have an article headline that contains the good and the bad and not say the ugly. If you know if any ugly apps, let me know in the comments section below.

And that is all I have to say about that. If you enjoyed this article click on the Facebook button below and share it. Feel free to comment with a god, or bad, or ugly comment. All are welcome. I look forward to your comments. And until the next time. . . . .

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