Winter Still Sucks!

Winter SucksIt is not even officially here yet and I am already tired of it. Yesterday it started, the wind was blowing, raining was pelting my face at 20 miles per hour, the umbrella blew inside out and I remembered how much I hate winter. At my age, even the few appeals of winter are gone. I do not look forward to sled riding or skiing, or running and sliding on the side-walk. All the fun things are replaced with fear. I fear being run over by a sled or slipping and breaking my hip on the side-walk. I fear cold toes, cold nose, and cold fingers. I am home sick, thus the mid-week blog entry.

I do not like having to wear heavy clothes. It seems as layering wears one out. I guess the extra weight of the extra clothes takes a toll. I don’t like hats, they muss my hair. I don’t like coats, too many pockets for me to lose things within. I do not like gloves, nor mufflers, nor rubbers, nor boots. I do not like cold feet or cold hands, and the shrivel factor is always of concern. I do not like seeing my breath before me. I do not like shoveling snow nor sprinkling rock salt or scraping ice off the wind shield. As I sit here and ponder this, the only good thing I can think of with regards to cold and snow is that it gives me an excuse to call off from work. Okay, I will concede that.

As it urns out, there is always a silver lining behind every cloud, even the storm clouds brought by Sandy”. My IPAD just toned indicating breaking news. The headline reads “President Obama Cancels Halloween Visit to Ohio”. My mood is already improving.

“So it is written so shall it be”




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