Do You Know Any Pronoids?

d82836a6a6094442bca9bfcb67a3658aWhat is a pronoid you might ask? A pronoid is someone who, contrary to all available evidence, believes that he/she is well liked or popular. I believe there is generally one of these if not more in any workplace. Generally, these people also, contrary to all available evidence believe they are competent. This type of office inhabitant generally exhibits a third characteristic, what I call rectum proximity. This person can be found so close to the boss that if the boss made a sudden stop it would require the jaws of life to extricate them from the boss’s rectum.

These little self serving, backstabbing weasels don’t care who they hurt or who they trample, as long as they can lay claim to the accomplishment, ideas, or work product of others. This person is also not loyal. They can be counted on to remain loyal to a superior, as long as the superior has something to offer. Should they no longer be in a position to benefit the ass kissing weasel (aks) they will move on to another who can offer them protection.

Now, the problem is what can be done to eradicate this species. Certain species in the circle of life truly serve no purpose. Among them are flies, rats, bedbugs, and ask kissing weasels. We are legally allowed to eradicate all but the ass kissing weasel. We cannot exterminate them, so what do we do. You cannot go to the boss, the boss is so turned on by the fawning they cannot see the truth. (Is that an ass kissing weasel in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?)

And so I am stumped, with no clear clue of how to deal with this subspecies. I know some will say to ignore them. This I have tried but you can only be thrown under the bus some many times before the tread marks become permanent. So I am asking you, what should one do? I am open to suggesting. I will post another blog next week with all the suggestions offered. Feel free to leave your comments here, or on facebook.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

Tom Lind

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