The Magical Mysterious Land of Carpet (Part One)

downloadOnce upon a time, just west of Hamlet, there was a small hamlet know as the Land of Carpet. The Land of Carpet was a quiet, friendly place to live where everyone got a long and worked together for a peaceful, happy community. All was good until one day, about eight years ago,, an evil despot took control of the Land of Carpet, and thus began the dark days.

The evil despot was know as The High Sovereign. He was know as The High Sovereign because he insisted that he be known as The High Sovereign. Since he was powerful and prone to throw tantrums, everyone was sorely afraid and did as he bid. Those who failed to follow his dictates found themselves suddenly and unexpectedly yanked from their homes and placed elsewhere in the Land of Carpet. Generally, it was a place they did not want to be, and were not happy to be there, which is exactly what The High Sovereign wanted. For those in the Hamlet who had not felt his wrath, it was jokingly know as a “mid-week transfer”.

The High Sovereign was frequently away on visits to exotic and exciting place. He laughingly referred to them as “business trips”. His subjects would look at one another and nod and wink. He would also frequently disappear for days at a time and nobody knew where he was. It is rumored that he frequently traveled back and forth rapidly between the North and South Pole. When he came back from these trips his subjects were fearful of what his mood may be in. It was customary to inquire of the Palace staff “what kind of mood is The High Sovereign in today?’

If you don’t know The High Sovereign, he can be found in his Palace (called the Ivory Tower). He is short of stature, sports a 70’s style haircut and drops F bombs everywhere. Many have said the The High Sovereign modeled his life after his hero Lord Farquat. But of course, Lord Farquat is taller smarter, and better looking.

Stayed tuned for future installments of The Magical and Mysterious Land of Carpet, where many new characters will be introduced including The Doofus Stooge and Emcee Screwdriver.

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  1. AnonymousAugust 26, 2014

    Hahahahaha… “The High Sovereign”… lol He’s a bipolar, vindictive prick…


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