Facebook Is Out Of Control!

No FcebookAs I pondered on a topic for today’s blog article (I encountered a brief block) I was coming up empty-handed (or empty-headed). Usually by mid-week I have decided on a topic and have spent the rest of the week mentally reviewing what I will write about. But here I was on Saturday morning with no ideas and no topic. I briefly consider posting the US Constitution on the blog, but I figured that for the most part, Americans have lost interest in that document and would not read it anyway, and those who are interested are already aware of the documents intent and purpose. So, as I sat there at a loss for a topic, it suddenly hit me. Facebook would be my topic of the week. Specifically, with regards to Facebook  what the hell are we doing?  I will state publicly, I never have and I never will do any of the following. I will not change my religion, change my politics, click to like if the post tells me to click to like, share if I agree, post pictures of politicians, post pictures of tortured animals, (I might consider pictures of politicians being tortured) post pictures of politicians torturing animals or in any other way attempt to influence others.

I believe Facebook is a great tool for keeping in touch, finding old friends, and just having fun. But any more you have to filter through a lot just to get to any content you may consider germane. I believe it is okay to express your opinion, but not okay to guilt trip others into agreeing, i.e., if you don’t like or share there will be dire consequences. Or if you don’t like or share, then you must have an opposing point of view. For example (made up example), click like if you agree that wife-beating is wrong. The implication here would be that if you don’t click to like, you must therefore think wife-beating is a good thing. That type of coercion truly aggravates me.

If it were not for the fact that I do not wish to lose the contact Facebook provides with family and friends, I would seriously consider abandoning Facebook  But the world has moved on and Facebook is what is happening. . . . .for now. Remember this, IRC came and went, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo IM, and AOL IM all came and went. Probably in a few years, some of us will still be on Facebook but a great deal of us will have moved on to what ever comes next.

Remember, this blog article will be posted to face book. Be sure to like and share it or your house will drop into a sink hole.


Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

Tom Lind

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  1. TimFebruary 9, 2013

    My favorite was a picture of Jesus and Satan. It said, “Click like or share if you love Jesus. Keep scrolling if you love Satan.”

    1. TomFebruary 9, 2013

      Right on point, Tim. Perfect example of wht I was trying to say.


  2. Mark ShermanFebruary 9, 2013

    Oh hell. I guess I’ll have to stop trying to turn you into a liberal agnostic.

  3. judi aka judy aka judithFebruary 13, 2013

    I’m not even on Facebook but I agree with everything you say!!!! I do think I miss keeping up with family and friends by not having a Facebook account but I know it would totally overwhelm me and I am trying for a soothing life! I am sure it is sometimes annoying to my family when I ask “What are you talking about?” and the reply is “It’s on Facebook1” and then I say “OH, read it to me!!” 🙂


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