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Happy Birthday CandlesToday is my birthday. I think it is funny how we put some much importance on our birthday, which is a celebration of a day we had absolutely nothing to do with. I realize we are celebrating the fact we have survived another year on his planet, however other than that there is nothing special about the day that we, personally can take credit for. We were not there at the and had nothing to do at the moment of conception, and certainly had nothing to do with the moment of birth. And although we call it “My Birthday”, in reality we should call it “Our Birthday” since we share the e vent with millions of others. That being said, here are My Thoughts on My Birthday.

A birthday seems like a good time to reflect back on one’s life and decide if you have accomplished anything worthwhile over the years. Life is broken down into phases, childhood teenage, young adult, middle age and old age. Nothing comes after old age and it can be the shortage or the longest phase of your life. I would have to say without a doubt childhood through young adult I have very little to credit myself with, other than having survived it. Nothing notable jumps out during my teen years. High school is probably best forgotten because those were mostly wasted years in my life, so let us move on.


I spent eight years serving in the U.S. Navy. During that time I traveled a lot. I lived in Istanbul and Karamursel Turkey and I lived in Bremerhaven German. I served on various ships and visited England, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. I steamed through the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas and crossed the Atlantic Ocean on several occasions. It was great fun and I had a lot of interesting experiences, but I cannot say that I actually accomplished anything during that phase of my life, so let’s move on.

Through the rest of young adult and into middle age I served as a Police Officer. During that phase of my life I saw way to many thinks, many of which I wish I could forget. I was constantly made aware of man’s inhumanity to man. It never ceased to amaze me the degree of cruelty some were capable of. If I did not learn anything else, I learned some people are just plain evil. Due to my many assignments throughout the City I did become much more culturally aware and much more tolerant of other people and their ways. Of this I am proud. I solved some crimes, I arrested some people, but I cannot say that I accomplished anything that I will be remembered for in years to come. So lets move on.

Through the reset of middle age and into old age I embarked on another career, providing IT services for the same police department I had been working for during the past 25 years. I learned a lot and have been having great fun since I am a geek at heart and really enjoy going to work and working (playing) with the technology each day. But again, I have accomplished nothing notable. I am starting to worry. Why am I here?

I married my wife 37 y ears ago. I am not just saying this to score points, she probably won’t read the blog anyway. She is the most caring and giving person I have every known. She is truly my soul mate and she completes me. She would give you the shirt off her back if she wasn’t afraid of getting arrested. In her grand scheme of things, every body comes before her. I am very, very blessed to know her. I also have four terrific children and nine wonderful grandchildren. I wish I had been a better father to them. I am not sure if finding the perfect women or having terrific children and grandchildren are accomplishments that I can take credit for, but I am very proud of them and I feel accomplished because of it. Now if I could just be a Kentucky Colonel!

In this life I could have done better, and I could have done more. Spilled milk I guess. But I am not ashamed of who I am or what I have done, so I guess that is something. All I can say is, “Happy Birthday to me!. Remember it is not too late to shower me with gifts.


Those are my thoughts, what are yours.





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  1. Scott LadriganFebruary 15, 2013

    I just typed up another letter to be sent

  2. Mark ShermanFebruary 15, 2013

    If I didn’t catch it before, Happy Birthday, Tom. Gotta be 67 right? To us 66ers, that seems old.

  3. Eileen AulickFebruary 15, 2013

    Happy Birthday! Even though you can take no credit for the accomplishment.

  4. judi aka judy aka judithFebruary 20, 2013

    Happy Birthday!!! I did try to send you a HB wish from my phone to your computer on the actual day but I kept getting back something saying I had to prove I was real. Evidently the two components were not compatible!

    You definitely are not taking enough credit for your life. You’ve made choices throughout your life that went in to making you who you are. Serving your nation, your community and providing for your family are certainly nothing to sneeze at! Learning to be more tolerant is something that comes really hard to all of us ( even those of us who think we come by tolerance naturally… Ummm that would be me!)By choosing to try to understand people and their diversity is huge! Just think how different the world would be if everyone chose to be more tolerant. All the bad things would be so much less! And you are my very best big brother too! I hope you have many, many more years to celebrate!


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