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Subscribe Now!Welcome to the Townehouse Phoenix subscription drive. This is based on a Facebook created event. The first thing you need to know is that this is a virtual event. So if you are out driving around looking for the event you can go home. You won’t find it. Now that you are here, sit back and relax, grab a virtual hotdog and a virtual pop and enjoy yourself.The whole purpose of this event is to attract subscribers to the Townehouse Phoenix Blog. The process is very simple. You need only to type your email address  in the subscription box on the right of the screen and click the subscribe button. You will receive a confirming email to verify that you did, in fact, subscribe. After you have confirmed you will be placed on a mailing list and automatically receive an email each time the blog is updated with a new article.  But wait, there is more!

If you are concerned that putting yourself on the mailing list will have dire consequences, still your troubled heart. Your email address is never displayed publicly and it will never be given away traded, sold, or used for any other purpose than for the blogs mailing list. I should also mention that once you do subscribe you are not subscribed for life. You are in full control. Each time you receive an email of a blog there is an option that will allow you to unsubscribe.Typically I write one blog article per week so you need not worry that your mailbox will be slammed with numerous emails from the Phoenix.

So, what is this all about. Simply put, I truly enjoy writing the blog articles. I even more enjoy knowing that people are reading, and commenting, on my articles. The more that read them, the happier I get, and who wouldn’t want to make an old man happy?  Therefore I decided to create the event to promote my blog and increase readership. That is all there is to it.  There is no financial gain for me, I have no intention of ever advertising on my blog or to use it in any way to generate revenue. Of course, if you want to send me  large wads of cash, go right ahead.   😛

That is all there is too. Please subscribe, encourage your family and friends to subscribe, hopefully you will consider it worth the time. By the way, there is a second blog in the near future. It will be a technology blog written in nontechnical terms, so watch this space for future announcements.

Thanks for reading, thanks for subscribing, thanks for recommending. Please keep coming back.


Those are my thoughts, what are yours?


Tom Lind

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