Happy 2013!

Happy New YearIt occurred to me that wishing one Happy New Year is limiting in that we generally are making reference to the celebration of the 1st day of the New Year. Ironically, for many, the first day of the new year is not very happy due to hang overs and memories, or lack there of, of the night before. Since I did not imbibe last night, I was lucky to manage to stay awake, I am able to sit here this morning with a clear head and hands that do not shake, and wish each and every one of you a very HAPPY 2013. Not just today but all year through.

Of course, part of this day is making New Year’s Resolution. As I reflect back over the years, I cannot honestly think of a resolution that I managed to keep. I am thinking that maybe that is because my resolutions were all too self-centered. I recall in the past having resolved to do such things as lose weight, stop cursing, stop smoking, etc. Sadly, I am still over weight, I do curse less because it is now less acceptable in the work place, and I quit smoking years ago, but not as the result of a new year resolution. Since I have failed miserably in the past as a New Year’s Resolver, this year I am going to change directions. I am going to make a resolution for others, as opposed to for myself.

Now all I have to do is decide what the resolution is to be. I want the resolution to be something that can actually be accomplished, but not so easy as to be inconsequential. And I want a resolution that will touch as many people as possible, not just my close circle of family, friends, and acquaintances.

And so, in 2013, I resolve to do, at minimum, one act of kindness to someone each and every day of the year. My act of kindness can be a deed of action, or a deed of omission. I can be kinder by holding my tongue, something I am not very experienced at doing. I will smile more often, and grumble less. In short I hope that by being kinder I will make life better for all those in my life and then I am hopeful they will pass it on.

That is the plan. I will report at a later time how it is working for me. So, as I close this New Year’s Day blog with a big smile on my face, “May this year be the best ever for you and your family, may your fortunes be many, and your happiness be every increasing”. And may you subscribe to the Townehouse Phoenix Blog.


Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

Tom Lind

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  1. Scott LadriganJanuary 2, 2013

    awesome! Waiting to read what you do!


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