On Memorial Day 2014

memorial-day-3Yesterday, while en route to the cemetery to visit the grave site of my parents, I spoke to my grand-daughter about memorial day. She had a vague idea of what it is all about but no real clear understanding. This is probably to be expected of a 10-year-old child but demonstrates the fact that the school systems do not give enough time and attention to the details that make America great. Perhaps that is what grand fathers are for. I told her the story of the holiday, how it started right after the Civil War, how it was originally known as Decoration Day, and that the day is dedicated to honor our war dead. The good news is, she seemed interested.

I did not dwell on the number of wars, and the number of dead these conflicts have produced. Personally I think the idea of over 1.1 million dead veterans might be to overwhelming for her young mind to comprehend,. But she at least has a basic understanding of the meaning of the holiday. I wonder how many Americans are out there who do not have that basic understanding. I wonder how many have no idea of how precious the gift of life is that each of those heroes gave to protect us and provide the freedom that way too many American citizen’s seem to take for granted. If a man on the street poll was taken, how many would know the true meaning of Memorial Day and how many would only know it as a day to drink beer, grill out, and get a day off from work. Every year I am surprised at the number of politicians who stand and thank all the veterans who have served. That is what Veteran’s day is for. Today we honor our war dead.

So today I am asking all who read this blog to turn off your lawnmowers and weed eaters, pause your video game, put down your beer and step back from the grill and remember the National Moment of Remembrance. Also to please ask all their friends and relatives to also remember the National Moment of Remembrances by honoring one minute of silence today at 3:00 pm. It is a great opportunity to show that you remember and to show that you care. While asking people to remember the moment of silence, take a few minutes to explain the meaning of the holiday to anyone who does not understand why and for whom it is celebrated. To all the 1.1 million fallen, I say “Thank You”.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours.

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  1. TimMay 26, 2014

    Today, we remember our Uncle Joe who died on Omaha Beach.

  2. AnthonyMay 26, 2014

    Agreed in full.


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