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maybe-93071869495_xlargeRecently there has been an influx of witticisms by various groups and individuals who either do, or do not, support gun control. Mostly it has been a play on words using the over used cliché “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Actually, to put a fine point on it, that is inaccurate. With regards to firearms, bullets kill people. Bullets, propelled by guns, usually held by people. I guess it doesn’t have the same emotional impact when put that way. It would, however, be difficult for either side of the argument to dispute that logic. Of course, in this particular debate, logic is not the order of the day. The debate is based on emotion and passion. People try to make it very cut and dry. Either you believe in gun rights, or you do not. It is all very black and white. I personally think there are many shades of gray in between.

Just for the record, let me say that I am not a gun enthusiast. I own several guns which generally stay locked away in a safe. I keep them for self-defense of my self, my family, and my home. Now, I must admit, I do not often have the need to defend my self, my family, or my home, but I am secure in the knowledge that I have the capability. And I truly hope that I never have the need. I do not like killing things. I usually catch and release spiders and other insects that may wonder into my domicile. I only mention this to point out that I am not a violent person, looking for the first opportunity to take the life of another creature, be it human or other wise. But I am a realist and I know that I may at some time be called upon to react with violence. Being prepared is a good thing. I would much rather explain why I did what I did then for my family to discuss the ramifications of my inaction at my memorial service.

Taking away the guns will not stop the violence. It may stop the gun violence, but not necessarily the killing. Humans have been killing humans ever since Cain killed Abel. Probably the only reason Cain did not use a gun was because they were not invented yet. Humans have been whacking each other ever since the beginning of time, and that is not going to change. Guns are often the tool of choice because they are available. But if they are not available, some other implement will become the tool of choice. The true fact of the matter is, if we outlawed every thing that has or could cause the death of a human being, the world would be devoid of everything but a bunch of people running around scowling at each other. It is apparent to me that we will not solve the issue of violence by eliminating the guns. Any person who actually believes that we can take guns away from the masses are living in another reality. Should that occur, there will be a certain number of law-abiding citizens who will surrender their guns. But not all the people, and certainly not the criminal element.

Making certain types of guns illegal will not help abate the gun violence. It will only help to make more criminals. I believe many otherwise law-abiding citizens will not relinquish their firearms and failure to do so will make them criminals. That old argument that certain types of weapons should be made illegal is because there only purpose is for killing is inane. Hey, I have news for you, other reality dweller, that is the purpose of all guns, even so-called target pistols. Guns are designed to put a quick, impersonal, and violent end to life. The so-called target shooters are merely people practicing for they day they may be called upon to end a life. I will say this for those advocates who are heavily armed and just waiting for the day that sum-bitch crosses their threshold. It is much easier to watch the violence via some form of media than to experience it up close and personal. Gun violence is ugly and abhorrent. And when you see it, it will stay with you forever, and if you do it, it will change you forever. Quite frankly, if you are looking forward to the day that someone makes your day, you are an idiot. And if you are of the ilk who state that you will give up your gun when they pry if from your cold, dead, hand that very well could happen if you come up against someone better prepared than you. In real life, the good guys don’t always win.

One last word from those who are worried they will have to endure a background check, register their weapons, and end up in a Federal database. Are you kidding me? It is just one of many databases you are already in. You think it will make it easier for them to take away the guns if they know where the guns are located. Think what a massive undertaking this would be. How far in that direction could the Federal Government go before a “well armed militia” rose up and took control of the situation?I have much more faith in the will of the people than I do in the Federal Government. The Federal Government cannot even maintain control over their own agencies, what makes you think they can control the entire population of the United States.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours.

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  1. AnthonyJune 6, 2014

    I fully agree. I don’t want to shoot anybody. But if I must then I must. I may not win the battle. But I want a fighting chance. On another note I would like to walk down the street with six shooters on my hips. Kind of a bucket list thing.

  2. TJOctober 3, 2017

    Correction…..”The true fact of the matter is, if we outlawed every thing that has or could cause the death of a human being, the world would be devoid of everything but a bunch of people running around scowling at each other. ”

    I think you should change “scowling at each other” to “beating each other to death with fists”

    Nothing can stop violence unfortunately.


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