The Demise of Unorganized Thoughts!

Lost DatabaseFor those of you who have grown to love (or hate) the My Unorganized Thoughts blog, and have noticed its absence over the past five days, here is what happened.  Simply put, the Unorganized Thoughts database was inadvertently deleted.  And, due to some assumptions, it was not recovered.  I assumed the hosting provider was backing up my database, and the hosting provider assumed that I was backing it up.  We were both wrong.  So, all was lost, sort of.

I have the ability to recover the text of most of the previously blogs.  Therefore, I have the ability to recreate the database and re post the old blogs.  Unfortunate although I can recreate the blog article, what is  lost forever are the comments made by thy readers.  That bothers me as I love it when I get comments.  It means a lot to me that someone would not only take the time to read what I write, but will slso take the time to comment.  Losing the comments is most unfortunate.

So,  where do we go from here?  Will I recreate the blogs?  Probably. Why? Because I have no life.  Some of the posts might not be recreated, some of the posts should not have originally been written  I am sure some of you would agree with that.  I am open to suggestion, do you have a favorite that you want to see re posted   Let me know.  Do you know of a post that should not come back?  Let me know that too.

And so, like the Phoenix of old, out of the ashes of the My Unorganized Thoughts blog rises the Townehouse Phoenix.  Currently I am using the old look and feel of My Unorganized Thoughts but that too will be changing soon.  Now all I need to a new clever closing tag line.  Until I think of one, this is the end of this blog post.



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  1. TimOctober 11, 2012

    Remember. Back up! Back up! Back up! And never assume. 🙂


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