The Man Cave In My Mind

The Mancave In My MindMy wife and I live in a small village in the South Eastern corner of Amelia, Ohio. We have a small two bedroom home winch we share with each other, our three dogs, an occasional line of ants, and visiting grand children. The house is too small for me to have an actual man cave so I have created a man cave in my head. When my wife thinks I am dozing in my lazy boy, I am not. I am hanging out in my man cave. Come along, I will take you on a tour.

Picture a small clearing at the edge of the forest, abutting up against a small mountain. Cleverly hidden behind some shrubbery is a small opening that leads to the cave. Come on in, but leave your issues behind. You must duck down to traverse a narrow opening that leads to the cave. The man cave in my mind is an actual cave, not a corner in a garage or a basement. As you exit the entrancing hallway you step into a very large, almost round naturally formed cave.

The cave has natural lighting from phosphorescent crystal stalactites hanging from the ceiling. The floor has a natural carpet of moss which never needs maintenance. The cave maintains a even temperature of 72 degrees year round and the humidity is just right. The cave does not have any insects, spiders, snakes, or wild animals. The floor is level and has not uneven spots to trip you.

As you look around you will see that the cave is furnished in manly style furniture. The sofa and recliners are made of dark leather (not pleather). The end tables, coffee table, and other furniture is made of oak. The cave has all the necessary appliances and accessories. It has a never-ending supply of computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. And the cool thing is, all these devices automatically upgrade themselves when a new version (hardware and software) is released. Notice the 80 inch TV on the south wall; a couple of months ago it was a 60 inch TV. I suspect it will be a 90 inch TV soon.

In my man cave, all my dogs, alive and deceased, are there with me. It is great to have Minnie, Schatzie, and Yittle back. I missed those guys. I spend a lot of time in this man cave reading. You will notice I have a fully stocked library. One of my favorite past times is reading. And oh, I should mention, the best thing about my man cave is that when I am in the cave, I have 20-20 vision.

So that is the tour. Do not bump your head on the way out. I hope you enjoyed ourself. Feel free to come back at any time. All are welcome.



“So it is written so shall it be”



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  1. Scott LadriganOctober 13, 2012

    Love the cave, im not sure about the fuzzy seat covers on all the toilet lids, but the urinals are awesome!

  2. Judy AKA Judi AKA JudiithOctober 15, 2012

    This seems very cool! I am sad about your vision though! Have fun in your man cave maybe this is what your heaven will be like! Do you think you can have a room and a man cave in heaven or is that just a bit greedy? Oh wait in heaven their is no greed so I think God will be cool with it!


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