There Is a Bug In The Butter!

butterThe title of this blog has absolutely nothing to do with the article itself. I heard somewhere one should have a headline that will get the attention of the reader. So that was my intent. It probably also said somewhere the headline should be germane to the article, but you can’t have everything. Also it is difficult to headline an article that I have no idea what I am going to write about. I have no topic so I guess I shall just ramble.

The Internet is truly a wonderful place. One can wander about for hours and never come back to the same place. The idea of not having instant access to almost any information seems almost impossible, although it was that way for most of my life. This I did today, and it is something I could not have done only 20 years ago, at least not with such ease. It all started when I decided to create a diversion by listening to folk music on Pandora. Pandora is another Internet wonder of itself. Anyway, I was listening to the Kingston Trio’s rendition of “The Sinking of the Reuben James”. The song questions if I knew their names. I had no clue so I asked our good friend Google.

In a matter of a few minutes I found out the USS Reuben James was a destroyer (DD-245) and was the first US ship sunk in World War II. It was torpedoed by a German U-Boat. 160 men went down with the ship. Forty-five were rescued, one died later, and only 44 lived to talk about it. Pretty quick history lesson, and I did not even have to get up from my chair. Oh, and did I mention it happened on October 31, 1941. October 31st is also my grand daughter’s birthday. So from now on, I will feel compelled to wish her happy birthday, tell others Happy Halloween, and tell the rest of the world “Remember the good ship Reuben James”.

I also heard a song about the sinking of the Bismarck. I won’t bore you with the details of the sinking of that ship as it is pretty well-known, and I don’t feel so bad about the Bismarck, after all, they were the bad guys. But then I guess a lot of German families grieved just as hard for the loss of the sailors on the Bismarck as did the American families grieve those lost on the Reuben James. Come to think of it, this is all very depressing.

Finally I head a song about someone having a dream that all the leaders of the world got together and declared an end to war. Now that is a more cheerful note. Can you imagine a world with no war, no borders, no passports, no fear, and no hatred. Yeah right, like that is going to ever happen. Maybe when the apes take over.

That is all I have for now. Got to go check the butter for bugs. So those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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  1. Judy aka Judi aka JudithOctober 20, 2014

    But I like that last song! Let’s all believe in it! Cool Blog. I love rambling thoughts even if aided by the Internet! They are not in my butter but I do have a few weird gnat like creatures bugging me in my house! Maybe I will research them!


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