Why Do We Call Them Phones?

cell phoneUntil very recently I have carried a Blackberry for a number of years. I thought it was quite useful to be able to get email, check my calendar, surf the web, IM, and oh yeah, even make phone calls from anywhere. The newspaper was no longer even necessary in the bathroom. (Hint to some: Do not think you are having a private conversation when sitting in a stall at a public restroom!). However, the Blackberry, as cool as it was, had limitations. The screen was too small, the keys were not designed for fat fingers, and dogs found them irresistible. Now all that has changed!

Last week I took possession of an HTC EVO Android phone. Not only can it do all the things mentioned above,it has a screen twice as large, touch screen technology, almost unlimited ring tones thanks to ZEDGE, and an apps that can do just about anything you would want. Google Goggles and Google Shopper change everything. There is so much more I have yet to try but thanks to the knowledge base known as My Sons, I will be willing to try it all. There is an app that listens to a song you are playing and then identifies the song, singer, and even the album. I tried my hardest to stump the app but was unable. How cool is that? All the apps I used on my Blackberry are available, and they Android versions are pumped on steroids compared to the Blackberry version. RIM, you have some catching up to do. And oh, did I mention, it makes phone calls too!

They really are not “phones” any longer. They are basically micro computers that can be used to make calls. I wonder where this will end? I don’t really see them replacing computers (although some pundits do). My perspective could be slanted because I cannot see my self doing day to day tasks on this device with my aging eyes. I think the technologies will eventually merge. I think we will be computing on the phones, and phoning on the computer, Sure I know, that is possible now, but it is not built in by default.

Okay, enough of this, I want to go play with my “phone” some more. My next blog will be my prediction of how phone and computer technologies will continue to merge. I shall be a seer!

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

Tom Lind

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