Set in My Ways!

As I have gotten older I find that the concept of “being set in your ways” is mostly true.  I find I am most comfortable if I have a routine […]

I Think, Therefore . . ,.

As some of you may recall, and probably many of you do not, the Townehouse Blog began life in 2010 under the name “Unorganized Thoughts”. Although the blog has undergone […]

Thanksgiving Day – 2017

I hate to think that I am going to start this Thanksgiving day with a rant, but yeah, that is what I am going to do.  I know this is […]

Bananas and Me

Perhaps you are wondering what I and bananas have in common. If so, then you have come to the right place to find out. But you will have to read […]

Do It In The Cloud

We have all been hearing about “the cloud”. Some have wondered just what in the cloud means? One person’s attempt to describe the cloud was “A cloud is that fluffy […]

The Land of the Free?

I cannot help but wonder what the results would be if one conducted a man on the street interview and asked the question “Why is July 4th a holiday?”. How […]

Enough is Enough!

In November of 2016 a jury of reasonably intelligent, mature, and educated people was impaneled to make a decision of guilt or innocence of Mr. Ray Tensing in the shooting […]

Inauguration Day - 2017

Today Mr. Donald Trump transits from being President Elect to President.  Inauguration Day is always a historical event in this country, and today is no different.  Unfortunately there are too […]

Like A Bad Penny

There is an old idiom about a bad penny and such seems to be the case about former Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell, who was fired as chief on September […]