I Think, Therefore . . ,.

As some of you may recall, and probably many of you do not, the Townehouse Blog began life in 2010 under the name “Unorganized Thoughts”. Although the blog has undergone several name changes since then, the author of the blogs (me) continues to have random and unorganized thoughts. Typically, I share these thoughts individually and one at a time on various social media venues but for your benefit as subscriber (or potential subscriber) of this blog, I present a collection of some thoughts thus far generated in 2018.

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Thanksgiving Day – 2017

I hate to think that I am going to start this Thanksgiving day with a rant, but yeah, that is what I am going to do.  I know this is supposed to be a day of giving thanks for all the good things we have in our life.  I am thankful, and I think we have much to be thankful for in this country, but it seems that this past year has been a year of negativity.  It is hard to be thankful if one is constantly focused on the negative.

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Bananas and Me

Perhaps you are wondering what I and bananas have in common. If so, then you have come to the right place to find out. But you will have to read it all, or skip to the end, to find out. I will give a hint, however. This is about my latest foray into the workplace.

As some of you already know, several years ago I suffered a mild cardiac event or to put it another way, I had a heart attack. The heart attack scared me into a false assumption that my days on this mortal coal were numbered, and the number was not very large. So, I took the cowardly way out and chose to retire. A big mistake. For those of you who are contemplating retirement, think long and hard. Retirement is described as “the hours are great but the pay sucks”. The latter being most significant.

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Do It In The Cloud

What-is-cloud-computingWe have all been hearing about “the cloud”. Some have wondered just what in the cloud means? One person’s attempt to describe the cloud was “A cloud is that fluffy white thing floating in the sky!”. Although this is a nice image to put in your head, it is not exactly what we are after. In the cloud mostly refers to cloud computing and cloud storage. The cloud itself refers to a place where software and data that is stored that is remote from the computer and not physically attached to the computer. Cloud computing is found in any number of places, depending on who is offering the hardware and software that is being used remotely. Two providers of this are Microsoft and Google. So let us break down the elements of Cloud computing and Cloud Storage.

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The Land of the Free?

American Flag and Declaration of Independence

I cannot help but wonder what the results would be if one conducted a man on the street interview and asked the question “Why is July 4th a holiday?”. How many would respond that it is Independence Day? How many would even know what Independence Day is and why we celebrate it. We are the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave. Well, at least we used to be. What has happened to America since that day in 1776 when the founders wrote those words declaring our Independence from the bonds of England. How Far have we come since then?

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Enough is Enough!

In November of 2016 a jury of reasonably intelligent, mature, and educated people was impaneled to make a decision of guilt or innocence of Mr. Ray Tensing in the shooting death of Mr. Sam Dubose. After hearing the testimony of the called witnesses, after viewing the videos and other evidence, this jury, following many hours of deliberation, was not able to agree on a verdict. After reporting twice to the presiding judge that they could not reach a unanimous decision the judge declared a mistrial and ended the trial.

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Inauguration Day – 2017

Today Mr. Donald Trump transits from being President Elect to President.  Inauguration Day is always a historical event in this country, and today is no different.  Unfortunately there are too many people who are simply sore losers.  There are too many people who are incapable of putting partisanship aside and accepting the fact that Donald Trump is the President of the United States.  He is President because he was duly elected to that office in a tried and true election process that has now worked well for several centuries.

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An Alligator Named Charlie

When I was a boy, I had a pet, an alligator named Charlie. I only had Charlie for a brief period, perhaps a month or two. My Mother and I had philosophical differences on the keeping of an alligator as a pet, and more specifically, where I housed said alligator. She found it objectionable to discover the alligator bathing in her stationery tub when she was doing laundry, particularly when she did not expect to find Charlie there. But the story here is not that I had an alligator for a pet, but how this all came about. Here is that story.

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Like A Bad Penny

There is an old idiom about a bad penny and such seems to be the case about former Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell, who was fired as chief on September 9th, 2015. I believed that would be the end of my commentary on the matter with what I thought was a last post, but, like a bad penny, stories about Jeffery Blackwell keep turning up, and the most recent is the most incredible of them all.

In all fairness to Mr. Blackwell, this article is not really about him. It is more about politics, City administration, and fiscal irresponsibility. Blackwell was fired for cause, and the cause was well documented and presented. That should have been the end of it. But as history shows in the case of most firings of Police Department employees, the firing is only the beginning, and not likely to take hold. As he promised on the day he was terminated, Blackwell filed suit against the City and the matter was negotiated, the history of Jeffrey Blackwell changed. He was no longer a Police Chief that had been fired, he was now a Police Chief who had resigned.  That will look better on his résumé.

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Our Nation’s Greatest Shame!

denied-google-searchPreviously I have written about the plight of homeless veterans. I have referred to this as our Nation’s shame and I have stated that the word homeless should never be used as an adjective to describe a veteran. I still feel this way but I believe that the idea of veterans contemplating or committing suicide has grown to epidemic proportions and needs to be addressed immediately, and with all available resources, for this truly is our nation’s greatest shame. .

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