Gone Camping!

You might think I am sitting at home working on this blog article, but you would be wrong. Due to the magic of automation, I have pre-written this blog article […]

Private Eye

It was a cool evening in late March. There was nothing significant that would set this day apart from any other day. I sat in my run down office sipping […]

Snake In The Grass

The other night while lying in bed waiting for blissful slumber, the term “snake in the grass” popped into my head. I have no idea where it came from as […]

Birthday Blog - 2013

Today is my birthday. I think it is funny how we put some much importance on our birthday, which is a celebration of a day we had absolutely nothing to […]


Police agencies locally, nationally, and around the world are gearing up for an anticipated crime spree of home invasions, criminal damaging, and animal cruelty. We spoke with Chief Hille of […]

The Mancave In My Mind

My wife and I live in a small village in the South Eastern corner of Amelia, Ohio. We have a small two bedroom home winch we share with each other, […]

Forgive and Forget?

  Several weeks ago the Homily at Church was about forgiveness. Since then, I have been ruminating on this concept and the more I think about it, the more confusing […]